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The Best Hermès Birkin and Kelly Bags for Fall

By Lindsey Weiss
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Birkin for Fall

Hermès Birkin and Kelly Bags for Fall

Fall in most parts of the world bring cooler temperatures and a shift in our wardrobe and bag choices. While the quality craftsmanship and luxurious experience may first attract an Hermès buyer, the many unique colors, styles, and material combinations make collecting a year round pleasure. Complement your spring and summer linen and silk apparel with a mini Kelly bag in pastel or bright candy color. Once falls comes, pair your cashmere and wool with larger bags in darker shades and less traditional materials. We picked some of our favorite Birkin and Kelly bags for fall and all of them are available for immediate shipping.

Favorite Colors for your Fall Hermès Birkin or Kelly Bag

Rouge H was originally developed in the 1920s and is considered a signature archive red-brown shade for the fashion house. It is one of their more regal tones and is being brought back into production for fall/winter 2023.

Hermès Rouge H Vache Liégée Birkin 35 Palladium Hardware, 2007

Fauve is one of Hermès’ classic brown shades. It is often confused with Gold, which is a cooler, brighter shade of brown. When manufactured in Barenia leather, Fauve develops a patina that deepens over time, providing a warm and cozy look that resembles the beautiful changing leaves of the fall season.

Hermès Fauve Barenia Birkin 35 Palladium Hardware, 2012

Along with warm browns and deep maroons, orange is part of the quintessential fall color palette. Hermès’ iconic house shade, Orange H, is a perfect option. A new shade introduced for 2023 is Orange Minimum; a brighter orange that can act as the perfect pop of color.

Hermès Orange H Togo Kelly Retourne 32 Palladium Hardware, 2010

Birkins and Kellys in black, white, and grey, are closet staples. They can act as the foundation of any outfit and will pair beautifully with coats, boots, and cashmere accessories. Luckily, Hermès has a full catalog of shade variations. In 2023, Hermès introduced New White to join Beton and Nata. While Hermès offers various shades of darker greys such as Gris Meyer and Etain, 2023 saw the introduction of lighter shades such as Gris Neve and Gris Pale. These lighter creations have us predicting light grey as a trend for fall and winter this coming year.

Hermès Gris Pale Swift Kelly Danse II Palladium Hardware, 2023

The Best Hermès Materials for Cooler Weather and Warmer Outfits

The colder the weather, the more stuff we seem to need to carry. Luckily, more oversized bags are back in style and for fall and winter, we want bigger bags, in thick and cozy materials like wool and suede, durable leathers, and neutral colors.

The Haut à Courroies Birkin Bag is one of their larger options that was originally designed for equestrians to travel to their barns. Now, it acts as the perfect adventure bag; ready to assist you while going on a skii trip or traveling to celebrate the holidays. This HAC in a durable leather such as Togo, or in combination with wool will be your best travel companion.

Hermès Gris Feutre Wool and Black Togo HAC Birkin 40 Palladium Hardware, 2017

Hermès has been using suede to craft their handbags since the beginning. There are two Hermès suedes, one called, Doblis Suede, and the other referred to as Grizzly. Grizzly was introduced in 2012 when the brand launched their Grizzly Birkins, produced in sizes 30cm and 40cm. These bags have bodies made of Grizzly suede but are lined in Swift leather. Recently, Hermès unveiled fresh additions to their collection of Grizzly Suede bags, available in both 25cm and a revamped 30cm version. These new additions sport a full-front Grizzly suede finish and are lined with chevron toile canvas.

Hermès Limited Edition Argile Suede and Swift Grizzly Birkin 35 Permabrass Hardware, 2012

Doblis suede bags are designed one of two ways. One is fully rendered in Doblis suede including handles, sangles and piping. All-Doblis suede birkins have a unique leather for their lining, Nubuck, which is only used for these bags. The other option is to find a birkin in Doblis suede combined with Swift leather that sees the aformentioned attributes rendered in Swift leather.

Hermès Noisette Doblis Kelly Sellier 28 Gold Hardware, 1970's

In 2012, Hermès designed the Ghillies Birkins, defined by their decorative trim. They were a continuation of the 2011 haute bijouterie jewellery collection by the artistic director of jewellery at Hermès, Pierre Hardy. The Ghillies Birkin was inspired by Scottish men’s dress shoes. The perforated detail known as “brouging” was added as trim on the bags and added a rich, feminine, and excessive aspect to the handbags that are in line with fall/winter aesthetics.

Hermès Limited Edition Argile and Etoupe Swift Ghillies Birkin 35 Palladium Hardware, 2012

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