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NFTs: Putting the Fun in Non-Fungible Tokens at the MCA Denver

By Sotheby's

As the NFT phenomenon continues to take the art world by storm, the hows and whys behind the creation of blockchain, and its impact on today's art market remains elusive for many. The MCA Denver intends to shine a light on all things NFT with their upcoming series of virtual talks, NFTS: Putting the Fun In Non Fungible Tokens, presented with support by Sotheby's Advisory. Led by industry experts, the Talks will answer questions about artistic production, ownership, collecting and audience engagement with NFT’s.

Origin Stories - October 20
Episode 1 will cover the origin story of NFT’s. Keynote speakers include Amy Whitaker, an NFT expert and researcher, as well Nora Burnett Abrams, director of the MCA Denver. Abrams and Whitaker will build an understanding of the timeline of blockchain technology from creation to today, define what an NFT is, and open the questions for the role NFTs play in changing entrenched art world power structures, economic sustainability for artists, and definition of ownership and value in the digital world.

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Artists and Making - October 27
Episode 2 discusses the artists who make NFT's and their motivation for being involved in this new phenomenon. Participants will have the opportunity to see approaches to the production of an NFT, the political aspects of the NFT and their opinion on the future of digital art.

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Collectors and Buying - November 3
Episode 3 goes into depth regarding the business of NFT's. Keynote speakers include Beatriz Ramos and Judy Mam, the founders of the collaborative drawing platform Dada. They speak on the business behind their Creeps & Weirdos NFT sale. Other discussions include relationships between NFT's and collectors, market experts, and auction-house practitioners, the complexities of buying and collecting NFTs are examined as well as the legal aspects regarding anti-money-laundering and privacy regulation.

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Equity and Future State - November 10
In the final episode of this series, Abrams and Whitaker explore exclusion in the NFT realm and the possibilities for greater inclusion and equity. Other discussions include the future of NFTs and the evolving digital art space. This episode is divided into two parts. The first discusses artists and gallerists who are imagining more equitable structures of the future, and the second includes discussions with museum practitioners on the role of NFTs in new forms of fundraising, collections care, and community governance.

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