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By Lindsey Weiss
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Hermès Mini Kelly II 20
Hermès Mini Kelly II 20

Pick Your Pink

Hermès Pinks are among the brand’s most popular colors, though there can be massive disparities between the popularity and value of various shades of Pink. The lighter shades continue to be the most popular with buyers and collectors. The secondary market value of the most popular light pink shades sell at faster velocity and at a higher premium relative to retail. In 2022, Sotheby's sold a store fresh with all of the plastic intact L4 Bubblegum Ostrich Mini Kelly for $85,000.

Mauve Sylvestre

Hermès Birkin 30 Mauve Sylvestre Epsom Palladium Hardware

The latest light pink from Hermès is Mauve Sylvestre, and is already popular with buyers. Resale prices for this newest light pink are exceeding all other shades. Mauve Pale, which is just now finding its way onto the market, is poised to be equally as popular. While Mauve Sylvestre had no real predecessor to compare to, its slight tinge of purple a truly refreshing development, Mauve Pale has actually been produced before. Way back in the early 2000’s a limited edition of pastele bags in a unique leather called Box Nepal were produced by Hermes. Extremely rare today, the bag produced in this leather included 25cm Sellier Kellys as well as a number of clutches and 18cm Constances. Along with Mauve Pale, unique shades called Lilac and Jaune Pale were also part of the collection. Box Nepal is also found in Parchment, Blue Arctic and Gris Perle, and sometimes trims Vibrato bags. Pastel colors have had a resurgence in popularity with newer shades like Glycine, Jaune Poussin and Bleu Brume nearing the popularity of delicately tinged neurals like Nata and Craie. Vert Fizz, released recently along with Mauve Pale, is another exciting new shade, the first pastele green Hermes has produced. This, along with the continuing popularity of Vert Criquette, will keep collectors’ interests in the color green altogether high.

Rose Sakura

Hermès Mini Kelly II 20 Rose Sakura Chèvre Palladium Hardware

Going back a few years there are other shades of pink that have held their popularity spectacularly, such as Rose Sakura. Sotheby’s recently set a record price with the sale of a Rose Sakura Swift Bikin 25 for $64,230. Rose d’Ete also continues to sell high whenever examples come to auction, though bags in this shade, which is only slightly more saturated than Rose Sakura, are extremely rare. Rose Confetti, a pink introduced in 2014, has also proven popular over the years.


Hermès Birkin 25 5P Bubblegum Pink Epsom Gold Hardware

Hermès 5P Pink has been a favorite among collectors for over a decade. With the continued production of new, particularly mini bags in 5P Pink, the popularity of the shade going forward is all-but assured. Kris Jenner’s recent use of a 5P Matte Alligator Kelly 25 on an episode of The Kardashians is further proof the popularity of this shade in exotic skins is also quite strong. Examples of 5P Pink Alligator Birkins and Kellys often sell for six figures on the secondary market.

L4 Bubblegum and Fuschia

Hermès Mini Kelly II 20 L4 Bubblegum Ostrich Palladium Hardware

The new Ostrich-exclusive shade, L4 Bubblegum, is a near match to 5P and is one of the most sought-after shades of Ostrich on the secondary market. Fuschia Ostrich was popular for some time but examples in excellent condition are very hard to come by. Some recent Ostrich bags have been produced in Fuschia and display the shade brilliantly. Terre Cuite has held its popularity quite well since its release and continues to be one of the most valuable shades for Ostrich bags.

Bright Pinks

Hermès Bolide 1923 25 Rose Shocking Chèvre Mysore Palladium Hardware

Many of the more recent pinks that have not been as popular share a brightness and vibrancy that some collectors really love. The intensity of these pinks, including shades like Rose Shocking, Rose Extreme, Rose Texas, Rose Mexico, Rose Tyrien and Magnolia have less of a universal appeal than softer shades like Rose Azalee or Rose Lipstick, but this means their fans can find more examples of these bags at reasonable prices.

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