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Creating Art for All with Gilbert & George

By Art Agency, Partners

“The strength of two people together is enormous. That’s why, all over the world, people and creatures are divided into two.” Artists Gilbert & George have been creating “Art for All” since they met as students in the 1960s. “In the old days, when we were socially involved with artists, they always would tell you they’re always nervous of what to do next. We never had that problem. We were always really ready for whatever,” say the inimitable duo during this lively discussion about their work, their habits and their artistic philosophies.  

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We are confronting life every single day with a new vision because we want to see what is out there.

From the Podcast...

"We made a big decision to make ourself the center of our art, and the human person is the most important. The free soul, not free shapes, but human person: the drunken person; the happy person; the crying person; and then what is called nostalgic person. All that is part of our art."

"We know somewhere in the world, and maybe in a different time zone, somebody’s looking at a van Gogh painting and wondering why the trees are gnarled and so distorted, and they don’t even necessarily need to know who it’s by, they’re just fascinated by that expression."

"I think we like to accept all of the possibilities that are inside any person. We don’t believe in just being happy and going for it. Because everything is possible. It’s very, very much part of our message."


LEAD IMAGE: Gilbert & George. Photo credit: Britta Pedersen/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa/Alamy Live News.


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