Ask Roxane: How do I Invest My Money Cleverly?

By Roxane Zand

Roxane Zand, Sotheby’s Deputy Chairman of the Middle East shares her wealth of life experience with readers of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia in her regular column where she answers questions on love, life and luxury. Take a look at an extract from her column below and visit Harper’s Bazaar Arabia to read more.

I have recently acquired some money that I wish to invest sensibly but on something more interesting than stocks or bonds. I’d like some guidance, or rather inspiration...

A girl’s best friend is of course diamonds, and the recent Sotheby’s sale of the Apollo and Artemis diamonds becoming the most valuable earrings ever sold at auction, just goes to show that it’s a steady best friend, not a fickle one! Pink diamond prices have tripled over the past 15 years, with current prices of diamonds overall rising by 15 per cent a year. A good diamond is considered a great investment not only because it is beautiful, portable, indestructible and can be handed down from one generation to another, but it also often commemorates a special occasion, bringing glamour to your entire wardrobe. You can’t go far wrong with a lovely piece of diamond jewelry, but as always buy the best that your budget can allow.

A fine but smaller diamond is preferable to a more showy one of lower quality. If you are not a jewelry fan, high quality watches are increasingly bought by women who are beginning to appreciate the value of a rare timepiece. A friend of mine recently received an unexpected windfall. She decided on finding an iconic work of art, something that she would love and cherish and look upon every day. She researched her options carefully, studying art books to see what period appealed to her most. Then she looked at prices to see what falls within her budget. She then identified an artist whose work appealed to her greatly. Sealing the deal without delay, she is now the proud owner of a work she loves and whose value will endure.

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