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Contemporary Art

Alexander Calder: By the Numbers

By Annikka Olsen
Alexander Calder And One Of His Sculptures At The Louis Carre Gallery In Paris 1946. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images.

Alexander Calder was 11 years old when he created his first kinetic sculpture.

Calder and his wife, Louisa James, were married for 45 years.

The couple had 2 daughters — Sandra and Mary.

Measuring 100 feet high, White Cascade (1976) is installed at the Federal Reserve Bank and is considered the world’s largest mobile.

A mobile with red, black a one white geometric shapes.
Alexander Calder, Untitled , 1956. Sold at Sotheby's London for £2.3 million ($3 million) in June 2018.

There is only 1 Calder work considered toxic: Mercury Fountain (1937–1943) must be displayed behind glass to protect viewers from the mercury that flows through it.

The Alexander Calder Foundation estimates that he produced over 22,000 individual works.

There are over 60 individual parts to Cirque Calder (Calder’s Circus), considered by many to be Calder’s most important work.

Calder lived to be 78 years old, and died in 1976.

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