16. Sanyu

16. Sanyu

The artists who power the $1m+ market
The artists who power the $1m+ market

16. Sanyu (Chang Yu) (1895–1966)

MODERN, b. Nanchong, China

Sanyu, Femme à la robe jaune avec chaussettes roses, 1920s–1930s

Power Rank: 109

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Price confidencePrice momentumAverage lot Price
Percentage of lots sold above low estimateChange in average lot value 2022 to 2023 (H1)Average lot value over the period 2018–23

Sotheby’s private sales

(2018 to H1 2023)
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Top 10 artworks sold at auction

(2018 to H1 2023)
1Five Nudes1950Christie's Hong Kong23 Nov 2019$38.8m
2Quatre nus1950Sotheby's Hong Kong8 Jul 2020$33.3m
3Nu1965Sotheby's Hong Kong5 Oct 2019$25.3m
4Chrysanthèmes blanches dans un pot bleu et blanc (White Chrysanthemum in a Blue and White Jardiniere)1950Christie's Hong Kong10 Jul 2020$24.7m
5Fleurs dans un pot bleu et blanc1950Sotheby's Hong Kong5 Oct 2020$24.1m
6Goldfish1940Christie's Hong Kong2 Dec 2020$22m
7Nu1960Sotheby's Hong Kong5 Oct 2020$21.8m
8Chrysanthèmes roses dans une corbeille (Pink Chrysanthemums in a Basket)1931Christie's Hong Kong2 Dec 2020$17.8m
9Potted Chrysanthemums1950Christie's Hong Kong24 May 2021$15.3m
10Nu avec un pékinois1950Sotheby's Hong Kong18 Apr 2021$13.6m

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