Forrest Price

  • Whiskey Specialist
New York


Forrest C. Price joined Sotheby's in January 2024 and brings over a decade of experience in the premium whiskey market. A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Forrest’s lifelong passion for the subject led him to become the first ever internally promoted Whiskey Advisor at the world-renowned Jack Rose Dining Saloon. A leading industry expert, Forrest is highly specialized in identifying and assessing bottles, and has conducted valuations of important Whiskey collections internationally. In 2019 he designed and curated the second largest whiskey bar in the United States, Doc’s Bourbon Room on Main Street in Louisville, as well as the largest specifically American Whiskey bar in the world, Watch Hill Proper, in Louisville’s East End in 2022. With a primary focus on American Whiskey, Forrest’s expertise extends to Japanese Whisky, Scotch, Irish Whiskey, and Single Malts from around the Globe, as well as wine and other spirits. Throughout his career, Forrest has acted as a trusted consultant for a wide range of industry-leading hotels and restaurants in North America, participated in countless barrel picks, and even distilled bourbon under his own label with Old Pogue & Willett. Forrest is the co-founder of a non-profit providing wine education fellowships, the Breezie Spirit Collective, and is the co-editor of an internationally best-selling wine book.

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