From 4 December to 31 March, the international exhibition « Le Bon, le Téméraire et le Chancelier, Quand flamboyait la Toison d’Or » will offer a new look at the history and art of Burgundy and Flanders in the 14th and 15th centuries, highlighting the figures of the last two dukes - Philippe le Bon (1396 - 1467) and Charles le Téméraire (1433 - 1477) - and of the chancellor Nicolas Rolin (1376 - 1462), founder of the Hospices de Beaune. The works on display, from public and private collections in Europe, mainly in Belgium, are compared with objects currently held in France. More than one hundred and fifty works of medieval art are brought together, combining paintings, sculptures, goldsmith's and silversmith's work, tapestries, manuscripts and archival documents to reveal the art of living of the elites and the know-how of the artists and craftsmen of the "Grand Duchy of the West".

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