California Straight Ahead: Property from the Collection of Dr. David Sanders and Prof. Jesse Dukeminier

The Collection of Dr. David Sanders and Prof. Jesse Dukeminier will be offered for auction at Sotheby's across nine sales beginning with Important Chinese Art on 11 September in New York.

V ibrant, expressive and refined, the collection of Dr. David Sanders and Prof. Jesse
Dukeminier comprises a diverse group of paintings, sculptures, and works on paper
by the foremost minds in abstraction. The works in the collection are a testament to
the power of color and form, their capacity to communicate complex theories and
concepts, and their vital function as sources of inspiration and delight.

Ranging from intimately scaled works on paper, such as the gestural and
tempestuous Untitled drawing by Joan Mitchell, to works which are exemplars of their
respective creator’s oeuvres, such as John McCracken’s Plume, the artworks in the
collection tell the story of postwar abstraction. Devoted to the arts, Dr. Sanders and
Professor Dukeminier built their house around their collection and loved to share it with
their large circle of friends. Dr. Sanders and Prof. Dukeminier lived with a Californian
sensibility, which made them open to new experiences and welcoming to others who,
like themselves, came to California from diverse backgrounds. They are remembered
for their love and generosity for the city of Los Angeles, its institutions and the LGBT
community. Together, the works in the collection provide a window into their unique
sense of passion and purpose, enduring as a record of postwar abstraction as filtered
through their singular point of view.

The Collection of Dr. David Sanders and Prof. Jesse Dukeminier will appear in the following auctions at Sotheby's:

Important Chinese Art | New York | 11 September, 2019

Watches Online | 12–19 September, 2019

Asian Art: Saturday at Sotheby’s | New York | 14 September, 2019

American Art | New York | 17 September, 2019

Contemporary Art Online | 19 September– 2 October, 2019

Contemporary Curated | New York | 26 September, 2019

Contemporary Photographs | New York | 27 September, 2019

Classic Photographs | New York | 3 October, 2019

Prints and Multiples | New York | 21–22 October, 2019

Contemporary Art Online | December 2019

Important Chinese Art

Saturday at Sotheby’s: Asian Art Featuring Chinese Art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art - The Florence and Herbert Irving Gift

New York | 14 September

American Art

Contemporary Curated

Contemporary Photographs

Classic Photographs