Kirchner Museum Davos


About the Museum

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner was one of the most significant European artists of the 20th century. The Kirchner Museum Davos offers visitors the extraordinary experience of seeing works by Kirchner at the very place where they were created. Davos and its environs inspired Kirchner to create a large number of major works.

The Kirchner Museum's collection includes numerous paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints and textile works as well as almost all of the artist's sketchbooks and photographs. All the important themes in Kirchner's oeuvre are represented: Studio, nude and circus scenes, portraits, figure and landscape paintings from the "Brücke" period to his late work in Davos. In addition, there are numerous documents on the life and work of the artist and a well-stocked library on Kirchner's work and life. The Kirchner Museum continually presents varied ensembles of key works from its extensive collection. In addition, it stages temporary exhibitions that highlight either particular aspects of the work of Kirchner and other major artists of the classical Modern period or currents in contemporary art.

The Kirchner Museum Davos was built in 1992 by the internationally renowned architects Annette Gigon and Mike Guyer. With its simple, consistent design, the building is still considered a pioneering example of a new approach to museum architecture. It uniquely combines functionality and aesthetics, architectural intrinsic value and service to art. The museum building is embedded in Kirchner Park, which is used as an exhibition space for contemporary art during the summer months.

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