Journey Within by Sassan Behnam-Bakhtiar
Selling Exhibition • 6–26 September 2022 • Monaco

'A moment will come in your life when the sun shines for you at dawn, so you embrace a new reality. It is a matter of awareness, fact and life, to awaken to the eternal life you possess, to take advantage of your human opportunity and control of your evolutionary destiny.’ For Sassan Behnam-Bakhtiar that moment came 12 years ago, when the combined effects of physical & emotional trauma put his life in danger. It was when Behnam-Bakhtiar turned within that he was able to save himself and unlock the secrets of life by thinking in terms of energy and its vibrations.

Journey Within is a testament to this unique journey, where every human being can embark on, understanding that no one is limited to this body, mind, and this so-called reality we are living in nowadays. Every being is existence itself, a limitless ocean of consciousness, imbued with infinite potential. All answers are found within each of us.

When creating the works for Journey Within, Behnam-Bakhtiar set his inner Self free prior to commencing his practice bringing on to the surface of the canvas, an impromptu yet organic experience showing what the journey inward could feel like, going through each unnecessary layer of humanity until reaching the soul frequency. The works created for Journey Within have all been painted, for the first time, in an awakened state.

The same way the artist has shed his layers of humanity to arrive to where is necessary to remain awakened and connected to life, he similarly removes layers from his paintings until he arrives to a point where he knows the piece is ready.

Journey Within focuses on the artist’s core mission – to take the audience on a journey of self-exploration within, shedding necessary layers of one’s humanity to feel the soul frequency and attain a necessary evolution. Behnam-Bakhtiar’s work is especially relevant in our current culture where we tend to get lost due to the unfortunate events taking our world and humanity to the point of no return. We are powerful beings beyond measure, with a dormant energy which if accessed and understood, can provide us with all that is necessary for a complete life in this world. Behnam-Bakhtiar’s practice calls us back to re-connect with our inner selves with a deeper focus and understanding of our being’s true capabilities.

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Sotheby's Monaco Gallery
20 Avenue de la Costa, 98000 Monaco

Tuesday–Saturday | 10am–7pm


Louise Grether
Senior Director | Head of Monaco Office

Mark Armstrong
Head of Monaco Office
+377 93 308 880

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