Contemporary Art | Paris
Online Auction: 21–30 October 2020 • 3:00 PM CET • Paris

Contemporary Art | Paris 21–30 October 2020 • 3:00 PM CET • Paris

S otheby’s Paris is pleased to announce its Contemporary Art | Paris sale, which brings together an exciting group of works by some of the most sought-after artists of the moment including Mary Bauermeister, Roy Lichtenstein, Francois Morellet, Jean Dubuffet, Carlos Cruz-Diez and many others. This eclectic ensemble of paintings, works on paper and sculpture presents a unique opportunity to acquire high-quality works at an attractive price point.

Carlos Cruz-Diez

In 1959, as he worked on the model for the symphonic orchestra of New York, Cruz-Diez observed how the red colour reflected onto the white surface. The phenomenon fascinated him, leading him to undertake an experiment with cardboard strips: and thus, the physichromies were born. The present work is a historical representation of Cruz-Diez’s revolutionary artistic technique and dates back to a turning point in the artist’s career.


Tom Wesselmann, "Study For Sunset Nude With Palm Trees"
"When I made the decision in 1959 that I was not going to be an abstract painter; that I was going to be a representational painter...I only got started by doing the opposite of everything I loved. And in choosing representational painting, I decided to do, as my subject matter, the history of art: I would do nudes, still-lifes, landscapes, interiors, portraits, etc..."

Marc Livingstone

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Philippe Hiquily, "L'epicurienne"
Epicurienne is the epitome of femininity. With a hand to her forehead and one resting on the knee of her elegantly positioned legs, Epicurienne is one of the most delicate yet seductive and enigmatic creations of Philippe Hiquily. Here, the poignant, red colour enhanced by the rust makes the work all the more eye-catching.

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Jean Dubuffet, "Personnage dans un Paysage"
This colourful and playful Personnage is an enjoyable piece by one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. The blue and red composition with purple undertones is from the highly sought-after series Paris Circus, for which Dubuffet is most acclaimed.

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Mary Bauermeister, "Jewel Box"
This delicate jewelry box encapsulates Mary Bauermeister’s perception of the world and the different, essential markers of her work. The surface of the box is carefully decorated with symbols and inscriptions revolving around spirituality and divination, instantly conveying the artist’s powerful artistic sensitivity and allowing us to dive into her fantasy world.

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A Selection of Works by Mark Tobey

This group of works by Mark Tobey is highly representative of his work between 1959 and 1966. Meditative and inspired, his oeuvre unveils the personality of an artist open to the world. He works in a style reminiscent of Jackson Pollock’s drip technique, which he associated with the evanescent nature of Asian landscapes, the ink serving to evoke the aspect of motion. This is especially visible in works which recall the Japanese Kakemono formats, all the while using a rich palette of colours, mixing light and bright pinks, green and black strokes.

This technique and format attest to the impact of the artist’s trips to China and Japan in the 1930s, which continued to inspire him 30 years later. Their appearance on the market is a unique opportunity to acquire a work by a leading figure of American abstraction, which have remained in the same collection for over 40 years. Currently, a retrospective of his life and work is being held at the historical Galerie Jeanne-Bucher Jaeger in Paris, highlighting the eternal and contemporary aspect of Tobey’s oeuvre.

7 Works by Tadashi Kawamata

Tadashi Kawamata, originally from Hokkaidō, is a Japanese artist whose work explores the relationship between the space and time it occupies. His constructions, largely made from reclaimed wood, interlace and invade the houses, walls and urban decors the artist picks as his playground. The city and its buildings serve as his canvas, and Kawamata articulates his sculptures around the circumstances the space provides him with, shaping a new environment using his own two hands.

The works presented here were all included in Sculpture Japonaise Contemporaine, the first exhibition dedicated to contemporary Japanese sculpture in France, which took place in 1985 at the Galerie Jullien-Cornic.


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