Glitch: Beyond Binary

Glitch: Beyond Binary

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Dawnia Darkstone aka Letsglitchit


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Dawnia Darkstone


non-fungible token ERC-721

Minted in 2023, 1/1.

Token ID: 5

Contract Address: 0x4f621c509CabE3572F73131c78dA2dAbb0d12914

medium: video art piece with sound viewable at

"LetsFixIt" is an eye-opening glitch video art piece that tackles the underrepresentation of women in the art world head-on. It calls for collective action to address these disparities and reshape the landscape of the art community. The piece starts with a playful nod to the flickering, illustrated gif work of Xcopy, an artist from the original "Natively Digital: Glitch-ism" lineup. As the video evolves, datamoshing techniques disrupt the homage, signaling the need for a major shift in the art world's established norms.

The artistic disruption transitions into striking visuals that reveal alarming statistics about gender discrimination in the art world. The datamoshing technique masterfully connects the initial homage to Xcopy with these thought-provoking facts, underscoring the urgency to tackle and break down these inequalities. The video features a unique musical composition crafted by the artist 8 years ago, made from raw image data using an innovative process called reverse sonification. This cutting-edge approach to sound, which was previously highlighted in Vice Magazine, allows the music to be experienced in .gif format, adding depth to the artwork's sensory allure.

"LetsFixIt" pushes viewers to engage with the art world's imbalances while also imagining a more inclusive and diverse future where the lines between art, gender, and representation are in a constant state of reinvention. The piece's call-to-action title reminds us of our shared responsibility in addressing these disparities, using the disruptive and transformative power of glitch art to fuel lasting change.

Dawnia Darkstone, AKA Letsglitchit (she/they) has been at the forefront of brute force, non-coding based glitch art for close to 10 years. She is co-administrator and curator of Glitch Artists Collective and affiliated groups on Facebook and has been exhibited in London, New York, Paris, Zagreb, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Tokyo, and her novel work with sonification has been featured in Vice Magazine. She has garnered a certain amount of esteem in the glitch art community for her early pioneering work of digital glitch techniques and sharing tutorials/notes on her tumblr.

She has since made a name for herself in Web3, being curated onto platforms like SuperRare, Makersplace, and KnownOrigin. Her SuperRare Genesis, Liquid Codex, was exhibited at the SuperRare gallery in Soho, curated onto billboards in Times Square/Tokyo, and curated into shows at Koko London and Miami Art Basel.