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Samaritan Torah Scroll (Aktaba Kadisha), Land of Israel [ca. 1166, Scribe: Shalmah ben Abraham bar Yosef of Sarepta]

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Scroll (14 1/8 x 220 in.; 36 cm x 5.59 m) Ink on parchment in twelfth century Samaritan majuscule script; written on ten membranes, comprising 41 columns, 75–89 lines. Each membrane pricked at outer margins; membrane ten with an additional intermediate instance of pricking; ruled in hardpoint. Text comprises Gen 1:1—Ex. 9:35. Residual organic stains, pronounced on membranes five and six, affecting text; also affecting some text along some margins. Losses to first few membranes mended with 17th-18th century parchment replacements; replacing text of approx. 40 lines on first membrane, 20 on second and five or fewer on third, and only a few words, on one or two lines, of membranes four to six; loss of a few words at lower margin of one or two columns in membranes nine and ten; several other lacunae, though affecting only a few words or letters. Modern leatherbound cylindrical case; titles gilt on lid.