Domenico Gnoli

Born 3 May 1933. Died 17 April 1970.
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Domenico Gnoli Biography

Domenico Gnoli was born in Rome in 1933, and, since he was a child, his creative soul was nourished by the numerous artistic influences coming from the closest members of his family: in fact, his mother was a skilled ceramist, his father an art historian and superintendent of fine arts of Umbria, his grandfather a poet and his paternal uncle a literary critic and Germanist.

It was in this fertile family environment that Gnoli began drawing and attending his first painting courses; at the age of 17, he officially presented himself to the public for the first time, including some of his works in an exhibition at Cassapanca Gallery in Rome. The creative path of the Roman artist, in the following decades, was marked by numerous and different experiences in the world of the arts, living in Paris, London and New York: in addition to painting Gnoli devoted himself to illustration for various newspapers and to the world of theater, designing costumes and sets for important theatrical companies.

By uniting these different fields, Gnoli created his own personal space in the history of art by reproducing on the canvases, with a particular technique made of tempera and sand, details extrapolated from everyday life subjects and reported them into new visual fields, generating in the viewer eyes a sense of sweet solitude and metaphysical poetry.

After his definitive artistic consecration at the important Andrè Schoeller Gallery in Paris, Gnoli's works have been exhibited in the most prestigious European and American galleries until and beyond his death, which occurred in 1970 in New York.

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