Atanasio Soldati

Born 24 August 1896, Italy. Died 27 August 1953.
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Atanasio Soldati Biography

Atanasio Soldati begun his career as an architect in mid-20ies, when he moved from Parma to Milan and met abstractionists Mario Radice and Mauro Reggiani.

His first solo exhibition was held in Galleria del Milione in 1931 where he knew Cubism and Léger works. His work developed harmonious geometric shapes, liberating the image from any adherence to reality. The alphabet of the painter are lines, shapes and colors which can perfectly express human feelings with the most freedom, without superstructures. The influences of Klee and Kandinsky are evident in his mid-30ies production, where he adds new lyric themes and colors to his compositions.

Between 1943 and 1945 he participate in the Resistance, pausing his activity, but after the Second World War Soldati founded the M.A.C. , Movimento Arte Concreta, together with Bruno Munari, Gillo Dorfles and Gianni Monnet. The group embrace the independence of the visual element from any objectivity.

Atanasio Soldati can be considered one of the pioneer of abstract art in Italy.

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