Supreme Forever: Andre Arias of Sole Street Talks About the Day Supreme Shut Down Soho

By Sotheby's
Andre Arias, who runs SoleStreetSneakerCo talks about his memorable ‘Supreme moments’, and how a cool Supreme accessory can stay on your shelf forever.
Andre Arias. @solestreetsneakerco

What got you into collecting Supreme?
I began collecting sneakers early. I was a manager at a Footaction and caught that bug. So when I first saw the Supreme x Nike Dunk Highs I had to have them. That was the first time I ever went to the store and I haven't stopped since.

From your perspective, what makes Supreme so collectible?
It's a combination of them making great relatable products along with the scarcity of production and difficulty to buy.

What was your first major Supreme memory?
The biggest by far was the insane failed camp out for the Nike x Supreme Foamposite. I've never seen so many people in one area. The streets and sidewalks were impassible from Prince Street to almost Houston. There were thousands of people there waiting to try and secure a pair. That day Supreme shut down Soho.

What are your 5-10 favorite Supreme accessories and why?
I'm a big accessory guy. I love the clothing but I wear it and it inevitability gets ruined, lost, or passed on. The accessories however last forever. Some of my absolute favorites are:
Supreme "Hermes" Coin Tray
Kidde Fire Extinguisher
Everlast Boxing Gloves
Spalding Basketball
Directors chair
Origins Mug
Playing cards
The upcoming coffee maker
Bible stash box
RC car
Steiff Teddy Bear

What is your all-time favorite Supreme piece?
The Supreme x Everlast Punching Bag

Favorite Supreme collection of all time?
I would have to say Unique Hype. They may not have everything like some collectors but their "not for sale" collection that is displayed in their store was the first place I ever saw so many coveted Supreme items in one place and for that they will always hold the top spot.

Why do you think Supreme has such high resale value?
It's always been a demand thing. They produce limited runs available only a handful of places worldwide.

People go crazy for Supreme accessories - what makes them so appealing?
I favor accessories because they can be kept for longer then clothing. I will wear a bogo and in a few years it will be cracked or faded or stained or lost but I can keep a cool accessory on a shelf on display somewhere forever.

If you could only have one Supreme accessory, which would it be?
The Supreme x Everlast punching bag

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