Inside The Invisible Collection’s New York Townhouse

Inside The Invisible Collection’s New York Townhouse

The trendsetting purveyor of luxe furniture and objects of design opened its New York City outpost in September. Take a look inside.
The trendsetting purveyor of luxe furniture and objects of design opened its New York City outpost in September. Take a look inside.

L iving space is a hallowed commodity in New York City. Yet for many, the opportunity to furnish their surroundings through design objects gives them a sense of personal creativity and joy. “We always talk about art collection, but we never talk about furniture collection, or design collection,” says Anna Zaoui, one of the cofounders, along with Isabelle Dubern-Mallevays and Lily Froehlicher, of The Invisible Collection.

Named after a short story by Stefan Zweig about an art dealer and launched as an e-commerce site just six years ago, The Invisible Collection has become the premier online destination for bespoke furniture and collectible design objects from over one hundred international designers, including Osanna Visconti, Charles Zana, Amande Haeghen and Elliot Barnes. Now the purveyors of luxe home decor have opened The Townhouse, a permanent brick-and-mortar showroom located at 24 East 64th Street on New York’s Upper East Side, while also partnering with Sotheby’s to stage the VIP lounge during The New York Sales in November.

Photos by Sean Davidson, Courtesy The Invisible Collection

The Invisible Collection has had a presence in the U.S. market “from day one,” but it was important for them to obtain a permanent physical address to nurture personal relationships with American customers, says Zaoui. The 1,752-square-foot, two-story townhouse, designed in collaboration with Lisbon-based studio Garcé & Dimofski, is an eye-pleasing backdrop for a rotating selection of furniture, art and design pieces. Eschewing traditional showroom layouts, each homelike space feels like an intimate gathering place. The Invisible Collection is known for making white whale pieces available for private clients, and the first floor of The Townhouse will showcase individual internationally recognized designers. Throughout the area, tradespeople and walk-in clientele can exchange ideas while trying out furniture to live amidst.

The building is filled with iconic pieces — every corner and crevice offers a new experience. The entryway is adorned with a 24-karat Goossens Paris mistletoe chandelier designed to look like tree branches. A lustrous stone staircase leads to an airy, bright room with furniture in light, understated shades. Garcé & Dimofski’s modern pieces evoke organic objects found in nature; their Helios armchairs and sofas with colored ceramic legs play off nebulous Mimi coffee tables. Here, visitors can sit and relax while enjoying views of tony Madison Avenue and works by New York-based artists, curated by the Brooklyn-based gallery Carvalho Park, attractively contrasting with the European designers that make up most of the inventory.

In the hallway across from the Grand Salon, recessed niche wall shelves feature marquetry by Lison de Caunes. Strands of straw in different shades of magenta are arranged into designs like wood-veneer sunbursts. Past the hallway, guests will find themselves overlooking the back garden in a sitting room with a chestnut-wood coffee table by Garcé & Dimofski and a hand-knotted rug with colorful tiles by Charles Zana. Downstairs, clientele can spend time in an inviting reading room filled with shelves of art books curated by 7L, the Parisienne bookshop founded by Karl Lagerfeld in 1999.

Zaoui says The Invisible Collection recognizes a need for furniture pieces that correspond with high-concept and challenging works of art displayed on the walls within someone’s home. This 360-degree view is reflected in their environmental practices and cutting-edge ventures: The Invisible Collection is exploring NFTs while increasing focusing on socially conscious practices. “We love pieces made by hand, by very talented craftsmen where there’s no waste,” Zaoui says. “We also offset the carbon footprint of 100 percent of our shipments worldwide.”

The Invisible Collection’s website and Townhouse elevate furniture acquisition to the same esteem as serious art collecting, making their partnership with Sotheby’s a natural one. They have decorated the auction house’s VIP rooms since their inception. This year, the lounge, which is open from 4 through 17 November to coincide with The New York Sales, is staged by internationally acclaimed designer Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance who partenered with The Invisible Collection to present never-seen-before designs, available for purchase for the first time exclusively through their website. Additionally, the brand will host events in the space. In the near future, they look forward to curated collaborations with art advisors.

Zaoui proudly describes The Invisible Collection’s adherence to specific considerations and guidelines as a means to match the tastes of such selective clientele. “The Sotheby’s lounge is for keen collectors always on the lookout for new exceptional pieces,” she says. “We wanted to present them with a sophisticated yet warm experiential setting made of gorgeous designs they would consider for their home. It is so rewarding to see the collectors’ enthusiasm when discovering the space each time.”

Visit the Invisible Collection Townhouse, 24 E 64th St, New York, NY 10065
Tel +1 646-759-0619, 10am-6pm, Book an Appointment

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