Gotta Catch 'Em All: Specialists' Manga Favorites

Gotta Catch 'Em All: Specialists' Manga Favorites


You'll have to recognize them all before you can catch 'em all. Which of these manga characters did you grow up with? Sotheby's auction and selling exhibition of Manga collectibles is to date the largest selling assemblage in Hong Kong.

M anga is having a moment, especially as many of us are finding comfort in revisiting some of our favorite animation from childhood – finding once again the enchantment of these fantasy worlds and the enduring charm of beloved characters. Gathered here are highlights of Manga, a selling exhibition with a unique collection of drawings and original Animation Celluloid Pictures. Sotheby’s specialists have chosen their favorite images which include scenes from Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Anpanman, and Doraemon, as well as features from Studio Ghibli and Toei Animation. Scroll ahead to discover all of their choices and compare them with your own favorites.

Florence Ho

“Studio Ghibli’s characters never cease to enchant me. Every single protagonist steps out of their comfort zone, often arriving at a new environment and coming face-to-face not only to differences they confront in others, but also to their own unexplored potential. Every scene is a marvelous revelation!”
Florence Ho, Junior Specialist

Heather Kim

“There will always be that one favorite character from childhood that shapes your world. Whether you admit it or not, it remains vivid and stays with you through adulthood.”
Heather Kim, Specialist

Debby Yip

“These works evoke feelings of joy and nostalgia, unlocking childhood memories that you thought had been forgotten.”
Debby Yip, Graduate Trainee

Michele Chan

"After my first day of elementary school, I went home to ask my mother what 'Sailor Moon' was, because it was all the craze in the classroom. Later on I remember eagerly looking forward to my daily after-school dose of Pokemon on TV. It is a joy to see these iconic characters light up our galleries!"
Michele Chan, Head of Research

Shea Lam

“Sailor Moon was my world through ages 6 to 9. The Mickey Mouse sketch is a classic and quite rare to come across. It would look very chic at a waiting room or bathroom!
Shea Lam, Specialist
Contemporary Art

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