Magnificent Jewels I 7 October 2022 • 1:00 PM HKT • Hong Kong

J ewellery tells the narrative of our history; they connect the past, the present, and the future. Precious metals and gemstones are nature's finest miracles not simply because of their dazzling beauty and rarity, but also because their inherent and enduring properties can offer a tangible link across successive generations. This single beautiful object is just the beginning, a future heirloom that becomes greater than its practical value, as its significance is magnified when it is passed down from the original owner into the hands of children, and then to grandchildren. Our wealth of memories give life to these precious keepsakes: a necklace for one’s wedding day, a ring to cherish a decade of marriage, a pair of earrings for a child’s eighteenth birthday, a bracelet to celebrate the birth of a grandchild. These talismans accord with the moments of a family’s traditions and heritage, bringing the past into view and creating a lasting legacy for the future. Discover our curation for the autumn series on some of the most treasured jewels in the world, to be cherished for generations to come. Here are some of our finest highlights on important signed jewels, one-of-a-kind contemporary designer pieces as well as rare gemstones.


Signed Jewels

Contemporary Design

Following the mid-century, there was a general movement to break free from tradition in all aspects of visual design. Artists were pushing boundaries from paintings and sculptures to architecture and jewellery, expanding beyond established norms and using avant-garde materials and challenging forms in their creative expression. This was also when the very first jewellery classes started to establish itself as courses at universities, and jewels found several forms as sculptural objects and wearable art. With contemporary jewellery design, various approaches such as geometric, abstract and figurative expressions are explored through rare metals and gemstones. For our autumn auction, we have curated a number of jewels designed by unique contemporaries of our time, such as Wallace Chan, Cindy Chao, Boghossian, Feng J and more. Discover the inspirations behind the various motifs and the mastery of shape and form embodied through the meticulous handiwork that brings gem and metal together.

二十世紀中葉以後,人們致力在各個視覺設計範疇上打破傳統,尋求突破。從油畫、雕塑、建築以至珠寶創作,藝術家均採用前衛的新穎物料,創造刁鑽繁複的設計,旨在打破既有規範。正於此時,珠寶設計學正式獲納入大學課程,而珠寶設計亦演變出不同形式,包括雕塑工藝品及可穿戴的藝術品等。當代珠寶設計會採用稀有金屬及寶石,探索幾何、抽象及象徵圖案等不同風格,呈現多姿多采的珠寶藝術。今次秋拍雲集多位當代珠寶設計名師如陳世英、趙心綺、寶嘉斯仁及豐吉(Feng J)的精心巧作,琳瑯滿目。誠邀各位一同探索這些造型豐富、工藝精湛的藝術作品背後的設計靈感,欣賞寶石與金屬互相碰撞迸發的無限火花。


Jade is an integral part of Chinese culture, dating back more than 4,000 years and is known as the "Stone from Heaven". The best of jadeite, with a deep emerald green, is honored as "imperial green jadeite", signifying it as noble and majestic as the emperor. The jadeite bead necklace that is offered at Magnificent Jewels auction this season, has a total of 41 "imperial green" jade beads, each of which has a richly saturated imperial green colouration, combined with high translucency as well as fine texture. The smooth and rounded cut best highlights the natural qualities of jadeite. Only by cutting from the same piece of rough can the beads be created into a perfect jadeite bead necklace that is integrated in quality and color. This imperial green jadeite bead necklace is not only superbly matched in color, but also in its translucency, size and symmetry. Such a rare jadeite bead necklace is truly a masterpiece of nature.

玉,中華文化的象徵,,其歷史可追溯至4000多年前,更被譽為「天上之石」。 而濃綠色正、盈潤細緻、瑩透純勻的美玉,是翡翠中的極品,如同帝王般尊貴、珍稀,因此將其尊稱為「帝王綠翡翠」。今次上拍的翡翠珠鏈, 共鑲41顆「帝王綠」翡翠珠,顆顆翠艷瑩潤,水潤清雅,高貴脫俗,水頭充足,美感含蓄內斂。光滑圓渾的切磨樣式,最能彰顯翡翠的天然品質。每切出一顆翡翠珠,就可能要消耗超半原材料。只有在同一塊原石上取材,才能製作出質色渾然一體的完美翡翠珠鏈。這條翡翠珠鏈不但色澤相稱, 其透明度、尺寸及切割的對稱度也極為相配,實在是可遇不可求的絕世珍寶。

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