A painting of a woman by Mikhail Vasilievich Nesterov in an auction selling Russian art

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Get Started with an Estimate

Wonder how much your Russian or Soviet art might be worth and how to sell it? Simply follow the steps below and Sotheby's will recommend the best approach for selling your item.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the best time to sell Russian art at auction?
    Exceptional Russian paintings are in demand throughout the year. Our dedicated Russian painting auctions occur in London in June and November and we offer Russian paintings in other online and live auctions in multiple selling locations. Whenever you are ready to sell a Russian work of art, we have an upcoming sale open for consignment.
  • How much is my Russian art worth?
    Russian art can sell for a wide range of prices, and our specialists, who have decades of experience evaluating Russian art, can help you identify the current market value for your work. When you submit images for review, our specialists will review it and determine its value based on condition, provenance, artist, quality, rarity, current market demand, and other characteristics.
  • Which types of Russian art does Sotheby's sell?
    Sotheby's Russian painting auctions typically cover the full spectrum of Russian art, from 19th century paintings to the avant-garde, official and non-official Soviet art and contemporary art. Top-selling artists often include Kazimir Malevich, Vasily Shukhaev, Konstantin Korovin, Ivan Aivazovksy, Petr Smukrovich, Konstantin Makovsky, Niko Prismani, Alexander Yakovlev, Nikolai Fechin, and Pavel Tchelitchew.

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  • To request an estimate, why must I submit an image of the back of my painting?
    High-quality images of the front and back of your painting are especially important because both views enable our specialists to research efficiently to provide you with the most accurate assessment of your property. The back of the painting can be of particular interest to our experts because any visible markings or labels could provide key information regarding provenance and exhibition history.