Imperial Porcelain Military Plate in an auction selling Russian Ceramics

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Get Started with a Russian Porcelain Estimate

Wonder how much your Russian, Soviet, and Imperial porcelain might be worth and how to sell them? Simply follow the steps below and Sotheby's will recommend the best approach for selling your ceramics.

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Soviet Porcelain tea set in an auction selling Russian Ceramics

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the best time to sell my Soviet porcelain?
    Throughout the year, Sotheby's Decorative Arts sales attract porcelain, china and ceramics collectors from New York. London, Paris and around the world. When you are ready to sell Russian porcelain, there is no better time to consign with Sotheby’s to realise the highest price for your fine Soviet porcelain plate, platter, tea service, figurine or silver vertu object.
  • Why is Russian Imperial porcelain highly collectible?
    Connoisseurs and enthusiasts buy and sell antique Imperial porcelain for its rarity and beauty. Sotheby’s Decorative Arts sales feature Soviet objects that were once part of distinguished royal family collections. If you wish to buy Soviet porcelain or start a collection, carefully study the overall quality of any hand painting, glazing and gilding, as well as the size and shape of the piece. Many copies exist, so be sure to inspect any numbers or marking located on the base of your plate, platter, vase or other type of Soviet porcelain.
  • What types of Russian porcelain does Sotheby’s sell?
    Soviet porcelain figures by State Porcelain Factory artists Natalia Danko and Elena Danko, as well as Dynamo Moscow and Spartak Moscow, are highly collectible, as are propaganda plates and other collectible Soviet porcelain pieces by celebrated artists Mikhail Adamovich, Rudolf Vilde and Alexandra Shchekotikhina-Pototskaya. Useful, everyday tea sets and dinner service sets painted by artists such as Sergei Chekhonin also are coveted.

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