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Get Started with a Modern British Art Estimate

Wonder how much your modern or contemporary British art might be worth and how to sell it? Simply follow the steps below and Sotheby's will recommend the best approach for selling your item.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the best time to sell my modern British art?
    Our Modern & Post-War British Art sales are held in London in June and November and our cross-collecting Made in Britain auctions are in April and September, which focus on British talent across the disciplines of fine art, prints, photography, design and studio ceramics, with the inaugural online iteration in November 2018.
  • Does Sotheby's sell contemporary British art online?
    Absolutely. Today’s collectors are in search of modern British art and contemporary British art through private sales, online through, and live auctions when they can be resumed. When you submit your art online, our specialists will consider it for consignment for any one of our upcoming sales. To learn more about our privates sales, click here .
  • Can I sell artwork I have created through Sotheby's?
    As an auction house, Sotheby's only sells contemporary British art that is part of the secondary market. All artwork in our auctions have previously sold through galleries, commissions, art fairs, or other primary market sale venues. We suggest contacting a contemporary gallery if you are interested in selling your work.
  • What is Sotheby's fee to appraise my modern and contemporary British art?
    Sotheby's does not provide appraisals. Rather, our specialists review submissions and provide complimentary valuations for any contemporary British art we believe we can sell in an auction. If your artwork is not an appropriate fit for a Sotheby's auction, we will do our best to recommend an alternate resource to sell your work.