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The Best Hermès Shoulder Bags: Constance, Roulis and More

By Olivia Pennington
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Hermès Constance

Hermès introduced its first bag, the Haut à Courroies (HAC), in 1892. Designed to carry riders’ saddles, this bag was tailored to the needs of the brand’s equestrian clientele. Propelled by the success of this handbag, Hermès continued to innovate with new styles. In 1935, the Sac à Dépchêches – later renamed the Kelly – was introduced, followed by the Constance in 1959, and the Birkin in 1984. The design of these handbags demonstrate the French company’s unwavering commitment to the marriage of quality and function. While these original Hermès bags have captivated generation after generation of clients, the Maison has many more handbags to offer! Recently, Hermès has been revisiting the style of their classic Constance bag, and reinterpreting it for a modern audience. Read on to learn more about Hermès’ impressive selection of shoulder bags.

Hermès Constance 24 Black Shiny Alligator and Rouge H Verso Gold Hardware, 2017

The Hermès Constance: A timeless handbag integral to Hermès’ DNA

The Hermès Constance is an iconic bag that bears the brand’s initial on its “H” clasp. The Constance was designed by Hermès draftswoman Catherine Chaillet while she was pregnant. Chaillet considered the design process a labor of love, leading the artisan to give the handbag her daughter’s name, Constance. This handbag can be worn comfortably over the shoulder or across the body. The length of the bag’s strap can be adjusted according to the wearer’s preference. In addition to the standard Hermès Constance 24 cm size, this Hermès Constance bag comes in mini and micro models as well as a rectangular model called the “Elan.” The micro contains only one interior compartment, but the larger Hermès Constance sizes offer the choice of a single or double interior compartment. Jackie Kennedy’s go-to handbag, this youthful yet sophisticated Hermès Constance translates gracefully from day to night. The Hermès Constance comes in many premium-quality leather and hardware combinations.

Hermès Roulis 23 Lime Evercolor Palladium Hardware, 2020

The Hermès Roulis: A testament to the fine metalwork of Hermès artisans

The Hermès Roulis is a modern handbag with a luxurious yet discreet design. The square shoulder bag features a sleek jewel clasp that secures the front flap. The flap opens to a spacious interior divided into three compartments. The clasp itself is a reference to Hermès’ classic Chaîne d’Ancre link design. Originally released as a bracelet in 1938, the Chaîne d’Ancre style was inspired by the chains of ship anchors. The ship served as a symbol of progress and innovation for the Hermès designer, and later CEO, Robert Dumas. The Hermès Roulis handbag proudly bears this heritage. Launched as part of the Hermès 2011 Spring / Summer Collection, this bag can be found in a variety of leathers and hardwares. The Hermès Roulis is available in a mini 18 cm size and a larger 23 cm size.

Hermes Cinhetic

The Hermès Cinhetic: An appeal to innovation and technology

The Hermès Cinhetic bag is a bold handbag for the Maison’s contemporary audience. This boxy handbag was first introduced in 2017 and its style was updated for the 2020 Spring / Summer Collection. Like the Constance, the Cinhetic features an “H” clasp closure. The Cinhetic’s “H”, however, has been reinterpreted to possess a modern, asymmetrical look. The mechanism of the closure is also artful and unique: when turned to open the bag, the pieces of metal that form the “H” shift into a single line. This Hermès handbag is inspired by kinetic art, or sculptural artwork that incorporates movement. The bag features a both top handle and a metal chain, which allows it to be worn over the shoulder. The Cinhetic comes in a mini 12 cm size and a 18 cm size.

Hermès Della Cavalleria

The Hermès Della Cavalleria Mini : A bag that revisits classic equestrian paraphernalia

The Della Cavalleria handbag inherits its name from the 17th century horse riding manual that is preserved today at the Émile Hermès Museum. This Hermès bag features a distinctive clasp modeled after the Maison’s Verdun horse bit. The clasp secures a front flap and wraps around the curved base of the bag, which mimics the silhouette of a horse saddle. The inside of the bag features several compartments that makes it easy for you to keep your essentials organized and accessible. The Della Cavalleria’s adjustable strap allows it to be styled as a crossbody or shoulder bag. This smaller 18 cm bag is typically constructed from grainy Epsom leather and palladium-plated hardware.

Hermès Verrou Chaîne Menthe Chamkila MysoreGold Hardware, 2021

The Hermès Verrou: A futuristic and functional design

The Hermès Verrou is a shoulder bag with a sophisticated, avant garde look. The handbag’s asymmetrical design and futuristic lock closure makes this one of Hermès’ most experimental accessories. The closure, modeled after a door lock, was designed by none other than Robert Dumas in 1938. The Hermès Verrou was originally released as a clutch in 2010. Hermès decided to expand the Verrou line to include this sleek 21 cm shoulder bag in the 2017 Spring / Summer Collection.

Hermès Mosaique 24 Noir, Bleu Nuit, Zanzibar Epsom Hermes

The Hermès Mosaïque Au 24: An homage to an iconic Hermès symbol

The Hermès Mosaique Au 24 bag is another shoulder bag that features the Hermès “H” on its front clasp. The clasp’s geometric design draws its reference from the heart of Hermès: its flagship store at 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris. Specifically, the style is inspired by the sun floor mosaic found within the iconic storefront. The shoulder bag’s lock closure opens to the touch thanks to the push-button system on which it relies. This ingenious design unites Hermès’ rich tradition with modern technology. The Hermès Mosaïque was first introduced in the Hermès Pre-Fall 2018 collection. Epsom and Monsieur leather are the most common materials for the bag. The Mosaïque is available in a variety of hardware options including gold-plated, permabrass-plated, and palladium-plated hardware. Those looking to purchase this modern, sophisticated shoulder bag will have to choose between the mini 17 cm size and the larger 21 cm size.

Hermès 2002 Bag Hermes

The Hermès 2002 Bag: An elegant shoulder bag referencing the age of disco

A clear reference to the iconic Hermès Constance, the Hermès 2002 bag debuted in the Hermès Resort 2018 collection. This shoulder bag resembles its older sister in structure with its boxy silhouette, front flap, and adjustable strap. However, the 2002’s “H” clasp has been abstracted so that it reads more as a sculptural object than as a reference to the Maison’s name. This clasp finds its roots in an Hermès design dating back to the 1970s, a period applauded for its sleek minimalist modernism. The 2002 bag is typically found in Evergrain or Evercolor leather with palladium-plated hardware. Its front flap opens to a partitioned interior with several compartments and a zipper pocket. This Hermès 2002 bag is available in size 20 cm and size 26 cm.

Hermès Mini Convoyeur Turquoise Evercolor Palladium Hardware, 2014

The HermèsConvoyeur Mini : A small but mighty bag offering versatility

The Hermès Convoyeur Mini is a smaller shoulder bag that can be worn across the body or over the shoulder. The Hermès Convoyeur Minimade its debut in the Hermès Spring / Summer 2014 Collection. This 14 cm bag is more of a wallet on a strap, given its smaller size, than a handbag, making it the perfect companion for a quick errands run or a casual lunch date. The front flap is secured with a metal accent that comes in a few options such as gold-plated and palladium-plated hardware. The interior of this Hermès bag boasts a center coin purse, which splits the bag into two compartments. The Hermès Convoyeur’s strap is removable so that the handbag can become a clutch or a pouch. The Hermès Convoyeur comes in a variety of leathers and exotics.

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