5 Spaces, 5 Ways To Master Asian Interior Design

5 Spaces, 5 Ways To Master Asian Interior Design

How to add the right Asian accents in a modern space.
How to add the right Asian accents in a modern space.

A sian-style interiors have a pure aesthetic that, when well-executed, will remain classic and functional for years to come. Often consisting of natural materials, Asian-themed objects and spaces create a calm, neutral environment and incorporate traditional practices such as feng shui to enhance and create balance and peace within your space. In a busy and hectic world, making your home your sanctuary is of the utmost importance. Take a look at some of the curated finds and see how you can pick the right Asian-inspired piece for your modern home.

1. Scholar’s Chair

Chinese Lacquer High-Back Armchairs . Interior Designer: Vicente Wolf

The scholar’s chair was and remains a staple in traditional Chinese interiors. Used by officials, scholars, judges and heads of families since the Ming Dynasty, there is a traditional yet modern appeal to these chairs. Here, the chair is a focal point, yet remains unobtrusive due to the clean lines and open design. It is the perfect functional piece that will complement contemporary furnishings and an array of artwork, from sculpture to classical works on paper.

2. Chinese Porcelain

Chinese Famille Verte Dragon Vases . Interior Designer: Janie Molster

Classical Chinese porcelains have been coveted and collected since their creation. The brilliant Famille Verte pieces were created and perfected during the reign of the Kangxi Emperor in the Qing Dynasty. Literally meaning “green family,” these foreign colors, or falangcai, found their way to China from Murano by Jesuit priests who were in the imperial court at the time. These pieces will add just the right amount of color to any interior. Seen here, adding just the right touch to a mantel and flanked by groups of historical bookplates.

3. Buddhist Iconography

Thai Gilt Kneeling Devotee . Interior Designer: Vicente Wolf

Buddhist iconography may be one of the first things coming to mind when you think of Asian interior design. Contemplative and full of symbolism, often highly ornamented and using precious materials, these beautiful sacred objects were venerated and cherished for generations. This brilliant gold kneeling monk invokes all of the opulence of Southeast Asian temples, yet makes a beautiful and simple statement in a modern setting.

4. Imari Porcelain

Japanese Export Imari Plate . Photographer: Francesco Lagnese (Boxwood House)

Imari porcelain encapsulates multiple aspects of Japanese style. Jewel tones of cobalt with earth tones of pumpkin and green, and featuring florals and animals, Imari ware was perfected in the 17th century and appealed to the Japanese love of the natural world, while being coveted by European nobility for the highly decorative designs. Japanese Imari remains popular today and is versatile enough to be incorporated into any space to add an interesting and beautiful touch of Asian history.

5. Asian Cabinet

Pierced Screen Scholars Cabinet . Interior Designer: Vicente Wolf

Asian cabinetry, whether intricately carved or exquisitely lacquered, can ground a room and create a focal point much like a work of art. Heirloom-quality pieces hold their own in any space, while remaining a functional and stylish option for crucial storage and organization. This example, with its delicately pierced screens opening to drawers and shelves, retains a soft lacquered finish and touches on aspects of feng shui and wabi-sabi.

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