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Selling Irish Art with Sotheby's

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Get Started with an Estimate
Wonder how much your Irish painting might be worth and how to sell it? Simply follow the steps below and Sotheby's will recommend the best approach for selling your item.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the best time to sell my Irish art?
    Sotheby’s upcoming Irish Art sale takes place in November 2019. A major event in the auction calendar, the sale draws a steady stream of passionate collectors and established dealers who often compete fiercely against each other in the saleroom for the best works in the field. 2018 saw Sotheby’s sales of Irish art total £6 million – our strongest result in a decade and outperforming our competitors. If you wish to sell an Irish painting or other Irish artwork in our upcoming sale, simply send photographs, paperwork and other background information to Sotheby’s for an auction estimate .
  • Why should I sell my Irish painting with Sotheby's?
    Sotheby’s auctions are followed by an international audience that includes top galleries, dealers and private collectors. When you sell an Irish painting, drawing or sculpture in a Sotheby’s auction, you gain exposure to a large and competitive group of global buyers who compete to purchase fine art for the highest price.

    Our specialists have decades of experience and are connected to the top buyers in the market. We have been entrusted with major collections of Irish art including the Smurfit Group, the Yeats family’s private collection and most recently, with the Brian P. Burns Collection. If your artwork is a good fit for one of our auctions, your dedicated specialist will make the consignment process a seamless and enjoyable selling experience.
  • How do I ship my painting to Sotheby's for sale?
    Once our specialists have provided you with an auction estimate, they will help you with the shipping process. We work with the best fine art shippers around the globe to provide you with safe, expedient, insured shipping.

More information on how to sell with Sotheby's

Sotheby’s is your best resource to buy and sell an Irish painting, drawing, sculpture or other work by an Irish artist such as Sir John Lavery, Roderic O’Conor, Paul Henry, Sir William Orpen, Jack Butler Yeats, Louis le Brocquy, Mary Swanzy, Colin Middleton, Gerard Dillon, Basil Blackshaw, John Behan or Hughie O’Donoghue.