Dining IN | London

Online Auction: 3–12 August 2020 • 1:00 PM BST • London
Dining IN | London 3–12 August 2020 • 1:00 PM BST • London

A fternoon Tea in London or perhaps cocktails in Manhattan? Sotheby’s Dining IN sales this summer seek to offer every sort of accoutrement a discerning international bon vivant may require. Highlights of the London sale include a set of silver-gilt surrealist cutlery by Salvador Dali from 1957 and a set of eight nautical striped folding deck chairs from the Pacific Steam Navigation Company. Sotheby’s team of specialists have carefully curated the selection of silver, porcelain, glass and tableware in the sale offering buyers an opportunity to create uniquely fabulous tablescapes at home.

"Champagne Charlie is my name, Champagne drinking is my game..."
George Leybourne, 'Champagne Charlie

S o rang out the chorus of George Leybourne's celebrated song. 'Champagne Charlie,' the hit of 1866/67. 'You may hear small boys, only a trifle taller than a bottle of Cliquot's, humming ''Champagne Charlie is my name;''' wrote a contemporary, 'and you may hear it also from men of the fast school, who drink Champagne.' Long before that, however, in the early years of the 18th century the English aristocracy developed a taste for Champagne, while the French producers themselves always considered that the presence of bubbles in their wine was caused by a fault in the making....

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At Your Service

Whether it is exquisitely hand painted Royal Copenhagen ‘Flora Danica’, Meissen, Sevres, Berlin (KPM) or Herend, the London Dining IN sale has a service to suit every meal setting. From an extensive Meissen dinner and dessert service painted with fresh yellow roses, to a rare ‘Flora Danica’ Ichthyological part dinner service meticulously painted with specimens of fish, or a large ‘Victoria’ pattern Herend dinner and dessert service brightly painted with flowers, butterflies and insects, the selection abounds. We look forward to these services finding a new home and gracing the tables of stylish hosts and hostesses for many years to come.

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