Colours of Sunset in a Rare, Breathtaking Diamond

Colours of Sunset in a Rare, Breathtaking Diamond


Fancy Deep Orangey-Pink Diamond and Diamond Ring

Accompanied by GIA report no. 2201510037, dated 17 March 2020 stating that the diamond is Fancy Deep Orangy Pink, Natural, Internally Flawless.

Further accompanied by a GIA monograph.

F ancy coloured diamonds are celebrated for their rarity and intriguing range of colours. This fancy deep orangey pink diamond possesses a unique colour which exudes a precious charm. The inimitable hue evokes a sense of tranquility, reminiscent of a serene sunset as the day's late lingering rays reflect upon a crystalline lake.

Diamonds with noticeable hints of orange and pink hues are considerably rare. The complexity of the colour revealed in the face-up position of this diamond contributes to its character and desirability. When a diamond consists of a secondary hue, a risk always lies in the balance and combinations which may vary. The well-balanced mixture of orange and pink hues within this fancy deep orangey-pink diamond is precisely what bestows its alluring charisma.

Colour is the dominant factor with fancy coloured diamonds, and even diamonds with inclusions are prized by connoisseurs when the stones display an attractive face-up colour. This fancy deep orangey pink diamond boasts an impressive internally flawless clarity grading which further enhances its desirability. Coloured diamonds, particularly pink stones, will often exhibit colour graining, which is considered an inclusion, and are often forgivable in exchange for its colour, but this pure gem of radiant colour exceeds expectations with a clarity grading to match.

This internally flawless oval gem is the largest of its kind for such exceptional quality. The inimitable hue evokes a sense of tranquility.

The cut of a diamond also influences its colour. Fancy coloured diamonds are cut to maximize the intensity of their colour rather than to maximize brilliance and light return. Generally, the deeper the pavilion of the diamond, the further light can travel within, resulting in a richer and more intense colour. This often leads cutters to shape coloured diamonds which may appear smaller face up despite its heavy carat weight in order to preserve colour. On contrast, this fancy deep orangey-pink diamond, fashioned into an oval shape boldly embraces a large face up appearance, doing justice to its 10.26 carat weight without compromising the brilliance and colour.

The stone was cut and polished with the utmost precision from its rough, transforming it into an internally flawless oval gem of showstopping quality and breathtaking colour.

Lot 6011 - Details

Fancy Deep Orangy Pink Diamond and Diamond Ring

Set with an oval fancy deep orangy pink diamond weighing 10.26 carats, within a surround of brilliant-cut diamonds, mounted in 18 karat pink and white gold, size 6, illustrated unmounted.


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