Francesco Morroni

  • Senior Director | Head of Department


After completing the Sotheby’s Trainee Bursary Scheme in London, Francesco Morroni joined Sotheby’s in 1992 and began working in Sotheby’s Florence.

Francesco subsequently moved to Sotheby’s Milan where he was responsible for the Furniture, Works of Art and Ceramic sales. In 1994 Francesco was appointed Head of the Furniture department for Sotheby’s Italy on the occasion of the Corsini House sale in Florence (1994). He was responsible for the single-owner collections including the Colasanti-Moore collection (2000) and the Dimora di Piazza Farenese collection, Rome (2004). His experience in House sales and single-owner collections includes the Palazzo Serristori collection (2007), Palazzo Contarini (2009) and the Salvatore e Francesco Romano collection (2009).

His involvement with maiolica and porcelain led to his responsibility for the sales of the collections of Antonia Gianetti (2003), Enrico Questa (2005), Vivolo (2007) and Lukacs (2007), including the cataloguing and research of the Italian porcelain in the Giovanni & Gabriella Barilla collection (2012).

Francesco continues to collaborate with the global team on single owner sales in London and Europe.

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