C.K. Cheung

  • Senior Consultant
Hong Kong


C. K. Cheung joined Sotheby's in January 1996 as Head of Chinese Paintings Department. Based in Hong Kong, Mr. Cheung is mainly responsible for the collection, authentication and appraisal of paintings and calligraphic works for auctions.

Mr. Cheung is the foremost expert in the field of modern and contemporary Chinese paintings, and his views have been highly regarded by collectors and connoisseurs. Mr. Cheung is well versed in classical Chinese texts and literature, and believes that the artistic aspects of traditional Chinese paintings cannot and should not be separated from its literary aspects. The poetry, the calligraphy, the painting and the artist's seal are independent yet interlinked elements which should be appreciated and understood as a whole.

Under Mr. Cheung’s leadership, Sotheby’s Hong Kong achieved its Highest-ever Total for Any Fine Chinese Paintings Sale at Sotheby’s Hong Kong in October 2011.

Mr. Cheung is also the mastermind behind numerous successful sales of important works including: The Mei Yun Tang Collection of Paintings by Chang Dai-chien (May 2011) and the subsequent sale A Master’s Secrets Unveiled, (May 2013); Wu Guanzhong’s Along the Yangtze River offered personally by the artist (October 2008); Important Chinese Paintings from The Robert Chang Collection Part I (April 2006) and Part II (October 2007), Vermillion Pavilion Collection of Twentieth Century Fine Chinese Paintings (October 2006), and Six Panel Gold Screen of Splashed Lotuses by Zhang Daqian (October 2002).

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