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Talk to a Specialist

Our specialists are located in New York, Paris, London and they also travel to evaluate instruments in person. Schedule an appointment or inquire by calling your closest Sotheby's office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where should I sell Science & Technological instruments?
    Sotheby's experts have been evaluating early computer technology, scientific instruments and historic medical devices for many years. Our free auction estimate process is easy and confidential to ensure that you can quickly receive a Sotheby’s valuation. When you are ready to consign an Apple computer or early Apple memorabilia, an historic scientific or medical instrument or device such as a telescope or microscope, your dedicated specialist will help guide you through our easy auction consignment process.
  • What types of Science & Technology objects are in demand?
    Always on the hunt for historic examples of scientific instruments, technological devices, medical equipment and other ground-breaking machines, passionate collectors bid competitively for important examples of Science & Technology. Collectors of WWII and other war memorabilia eagerly buy and sell equipment such as an Enigma cipher machine.
  • How does Sotheby's determine the value of Scientific and Technology devices?
    Sotheby's specialists have decades of experience in evaluating early computer technology, scientific, medical and dental instruments and other groundbreaking, historic instruments, devices and machines. Simply submit clear photographs of the front and back of your rare artefact and our specialists will carefully review the object and determine its value.