The Taste of Marie Leszczynska

16 April 2019

Exhibition Overview

During the 42 years she spent at Versailles, Marie Leszczyńska had a profound impact on both the layout of the Palace and artistic life at the time. Her influence has inspired this dedicated exhibition, now open to the public.

From 16 April, “A taste of Marie Leszczyńska” will be presented in the Dauphine’s Apartments, which have been reopened for the occasion. Although few traces of her 42 years at the Palace remain – most were wiped out as a result of the changes wrought by Marie-Antoinette – the wife of King Louis XV nevertheless made her mark through the art she commissioned and the private chambers she created.

The exhibition gathers together around 50 paintings and other works of art, most of which are from the Palace collections and include several recent acquisitions of great significance for the Musée National des Châteaux de Versailles et de Trianon. The aim is to illustrate how her personal taste evolved throughout the course of her reign and thus get to know her better.

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