New Wave Beyond Yuanmingyuan: An Important European Private Collection of Chinese Contemporary Art
Live Auction: 6 October 2022 • 13:30 HKT • Hong Kong | 拍賣:2022年10月6日 • 下午1時30分 • 香港

New Wave Beyond Yuanmingyuan: An Important European Private Collection of Chinese Contemporary Art 6 October 2022 • 1:30 PM HKT • Hong Kong

N ew Wave Beyond Yuanmingyuan presents the outstanding collection of an esteemed collector who has been at the forefront of the development of Chinese Contemporary Art for decades. Heightening the exposure and understanding of the Chinese avant-garde in China and abroad, the collector has followed the careers of vanguard Chinese artists, building up an outstanding collection of seminal works often considered radical or provocative at their time of creation. 

The collection features a curated selection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, performance works and photographs by pioneering artists who eschewed traditional models of representation in their desire to create something new. 

Many artists in the collection participated in the avant-garde movements of the 1980s and 1990s, a period of extraordinary creativity which reflected the transforming social, political and cultural landscape in China at the time. Indeed, the ‘85 Movement brought about a multitude of subsidiary, regional art movements that differed in style and philosophy across China. Amongst the works of the collection are some of the earliest and most significant known examples of abstract art, ‘Political Pop’, Cynical Realism, Neo-Realism, performance art and conceptual photography, as well as historically important works by founding members of avant-garde groups, including the Stars group (Xing Xing). 

Many of the works in the collection were acquired directly from the artist and as such have never been offered on the market before. Further, whilst a significant number of the works have rarely been seen by members of the public, some have been featured in pivotal exhibitions such as the second Stars Art Exhibition, Beijing in 1980; China/Avant-Garde Exhibition, Beijing in 1989; Paris-Pékin, at Espace Cardin, Paris in 2002; and ‘85 New Wave: The Birth of Chinese Contemporary Art at the UCCA Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing in 2007 - 2008, to name just a few.




不少藏品均由藏家直接從藝術家手上購入,因此從未流出市場。此外,雖然有相當一部分藏品極少公開展出,但仍有一些曾在某些重要展覽中亮相,例如分別於1980及89年在北京舉行的「星星美展」和「中國現代藝術展」、2002年在巴黎 Espace Cardin 藝術中心舉行的「巴黎 北京」、2007至08年在北京UCCA尤倫斯當代藝術中心舉行的「85新潮:中國第一次當代藝術運動」。

Stars Art (Xing Xing) 星星畫會


Performance and Photography行為藝術與攝影

Sculpture and Objects雕塑及工藝品

Nepal Youth Foundation | 尼泊爾青年基金會

Partial proceeds from this Sale will be donated to Nepal Youth Foundation to help impoverished children in Nepal. 

Nepal Youth Foundation

Founded by Olga Murray in 1990, Nepal Youth Foundation (NYF) brings hope to the most destitute children in the Himalayan country of Nepal. NYF provides what should be every child's birthright—education, housing, medical care, and nurturing support.

NYF’s programmes include nation-wide scholarships; vocational centres for professional career training; the “Olgapuri” orphanage which hosts more than 100 children; 17 nutrition centres distributed all over the country; the treatment of malnourished children providing practical knowledge of nutrition and infant hygiene products; and the latest programme, “Caste Equality Project”, which provides legal education for low caste youngsters, aiming to change mentalities and transform the legal framework of Nepal. The NYF has been active in providing relief to the populations of Nepal during times of crises, such as the 2015 earthquake and Covid-19 Pandemic, by giving shelter, rebuilding homes and classrooms, amongst other actions.

Known as “Olga Mom” to thousands of Nepali children, Olga Murray, the founder and president of NYF, is now the age of 97 and is still active in the organisation. Over the course of three decades, her actions and efforts to help impoverished children of Nepal, by giving them shelter and education, has resulted in the empowerment of more than 60,000 children.

The NYF programme for freeing girls from indentured servitude has been impactful. A tradition of the indigenous community in the Tharu province of west Nepal that had been in practice since the 20th century, impoverished families were compelled to sell their daughters as young as six years old for domestic servitude at an average price of $50 per year. These girls became “the Kamlari girls” (Kamlari translates as “slaves”) who were denied education and sometimes abused and forced into prostitution. Following the NYF program involving advocacy, educational support, psychological counseling, legal action, and training, the practice has been eradicated. In 2013 the Nepal government declared the abolition of the Kamlari system and thus ended the practice of child slavery. The government is committed to enforcing existing national and international laws that had long been ignored. After over two decades of action, nearly 13,000 Kamlari girls have been rescued by the NYF.

NYF was awarded with high marks for accountability and transparency by Charity Navigator, the world’s largest U.S. based independent non-profit organisation that evaluates charities, saying donors can “Give with Confidence” to NYF.

For more information or to make a donation, please follow the link below:




尼泊爾青年基金會由奧嘉‧梅利(Olga Murray)於1990年成立,旨在為喜馬拉雅山區的貧困兒童帶來希望。基金會為他們提供每個小孩與生俱來的權利——教育、住屋、醫療護理和培育支援。




尼泊爾青年基金會於問責方面和透明度均獲全球最大、評估慈善團體的美國獨立非牟利組織Charity Navigator給予高分,並得到指捐贈者可「放心捐款」的肯定。


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