New Wave Beyond Yuanmingyuan: An Important European Private Collection of Chinese Contemporary Art

New Wave Beyond Yuanmingyuan: An Important European Private Collection of Chinese Contemporary Art

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Song Haidong

Song Haidong 宋海冬 | The Earth From Space 外星人眼中的地球

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Song Haidong

b. 1958

The Earth From Space

mixed media, in five parts (globe, board, string, picture, clay wall)

overall: 56 by 45.5 by 61 cm.  22 by 17⅞ by 24 in.

Executed circa 1980.







整體:56 x 45.5 x 61 公分,22 x 17⅞ x 24 英寸

Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo

The Ullens Collection

Sotheby's Hong Kong, 6 October 2014, Lot 797

Acquired from the above sale by the present owner






Beijing, National Art Museum of China, China/Avant Garde, 1989

Beijing, UCCA Center for Contemporary Art, '85 New Wave: The Birth of Chinese Contemporary Art, November 2007 - February 2008, p. 217




The Earth from Space was the Jiangsu artist Song Haidong's submission to the seminal 1989 exhibition, China/Avant Garde, and is one of the earliest recorded installation works by a contemporary Chinese artist. After completing a postgraduate programme in the sculpture department of the National Academy of Art in 1985, Song moved to Shanghai and formed the M Art Group with Shanghai artists including Shen Fan, Li Zuming, and Zhou Tiehai. The Earth from Space, which generated considerable controversy in the 1989 exhibition, consists of a globe with a small brick wall tied to it above with a white string and photographs of East Berlin placed next to it. The brick wall is a miniature version of the Berlin Wall. When East German diplomats based in Beijing saw this work and asked the artist to remove the "Berlin Wall" and the photographs, he decided to withdraw from the exhibition altogether in order to preserve the work's integrity. 


《外星人眼中的地球》是出身江蘇的當代藝術家宋海東其中一件最早期的裝置藝術作品,曾在1989年極具標誌性的「中國現代藝術大展」(China/Avant Garde)展出。宋海東在1985年於中國美術學院雕塑系完成碩士課程後移居到上海,並與申凡、李祖明和周鐵海等上海藝術家一同組成了「M藝術群體」。《外星人眼中的地球》在上述的1989年展覽上掀起了不少爭議,它由數件組件構成,包括一個地球儀、以白色繩索縛在上方的一幅迷你版柏林圍牆、在地球儀旁邊的多張照片。當時駐於北京的東德外交人員看見這件作品後,要求宋海東移除作品內的「柏林圍牆」及其照片,因此藝術家決定直接將本作從展覽中移除,以保護本作的完整性。