New Wave Beyond Yuanmingyuan: An Important European Private Collection of Chinese Contemporary Art

New Wave Beyond Yuanmingyuan: An Important European Private Collection of Chinese Contemporary Art

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Wang Peng

Wang Peng 王蓬 | Performance 84-3 行爲84-3

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Wang Peng

b. 1964

Performance 84-3

ink on xuan paper

signed in Pinyin and dated 1984

image: 137.5 by 70.9 cm.  54⅛ by 27⅞ in.

sheet: 141 by 73.7 cm.  55½ by 29 in.








Wang Peng,1984

圖像:137.5 x 70.9 公分,54⅛ x 27⅞ 英寸

紙張:141 x 73.7 公分,55½ x 29 英寸

Acquired directly from the artist by the present owner



Wang Peng is believed to be the first artist in China to engage in performance art and his Performance 84-3 is from the first known nude performance in China. In 1984, Wang covered himself in black ink and made seven large imprints of his body on xuan paper, which is typically used in calligraphy. A reaction to the insistence on technical skill in art education, Wang used his body to press and smear ink onto the xuan paper, performing for only two people—his classmates Li Tianyuan and Chen Kemei—who helped photograph the performance and apply ink to his body. Subsequently, Wang has documented the ’84 Performance in his book, Wang Peng, published in 2013. Testament to the significance of the work, another example from the series can be found in the permanent collection of M+ Museum in Hong Kong. Further, the performance has been exhibited and documented in the Tate Liverpool exhibition, The Real Thing in 2007, and has been widely documented by scholar Britta Erickson, whose work has been published in numerous magazines including Yishu, Leap and World Art magazine.


王蓬被視爲中國行爲藝術第一人,《行爲84-3》正是來自於他的行爲藝術表演,据目前所知,是中國首個裸體行爲藝術作品。1984年,王蓬把自己塗滿墨汁,然後將身體壓在書法專用宣紙上,製作了七幅大型拓印。王蓬用身體在宣紙上按壓和塗抹,對注重技法訓練的藝術教育方式作出反抗,他的同學李天元和程可槑則幫忙拍照以及往他身上塗墨,成爲表演現場僅有的兩位觀衆。後來,王蓬2013年出版的同名著作《王蓬》中記錄了《84行爲藝術》一作。而且,我們可以在香港M+博物館永久收藏中找到同系列的另一件作品,足以證明此作的重要意義。除此以外,這次行爲藝術曾在泰特利物浦美術館2007年展覽「The Real Thing」中有展出及記載,亦曾多次被學者林似竹記述,其文章常刊登於《Yishu(典藏國際版)》《藝術界》以及《世界美術》等藝術雜誌。