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Accessorize Your Kelly or Birkin Bag With Perfect Hermès Bag Charm

By Olivia Pennington
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Hermès Birkin and Hermès Kelly Doll Bag Charm
Hermès Kelly Doll Charm on Hermès Birkin Black Ostrich

Personalize your Hermès Bag

Don’t let your Hermès bag get lonely! Hermès offers an impressive assortment of bag charms to keep your favorite handbag company. Bag charms are the best way to personalize your Hermès bag and show off your unique style. Hermès bag charms are also the perfect gift for friends and family who love the Maison’s impeccable leather goods. Hermès first began selling its charms in the early 2000s, producing its most popular charm, the Rodéo, in 2005. Read on to discover the best of Hermès’ bag accessories.

Hermès GriGri Rodeo Bag Charm PM Blue France, Orange Poppy and Framboise Milo Lambskin and Matte Alligator Touch

The Rodéo Charm

First released in 2005, Hermès offers the Rodéo charm in many different colorways and leathers. A cult classic, this charm is a fun and simple way to customize your Hermès bag. The Rodéo comes in monotone, dual-tone, tri-colored, and quadruple-colored leather options. Some Rodéos even feature exotic skins and real horse hair! The most recent Rodéo release in 2021 is the “Pegasus”, which is a more whimsical take on the original charm with the addition of wings. This bag charm comes in three sizes: the PM size, the MM size, and the GM size. This charm is styled by tying the leather strap around the handle of your Hermès bag. It is the perfect final touch on a Kelly or Birkin and looks fabulous when paired with other charms crafted by the Maison.

Hermès Multicolor Silk Carres Volants Twilly Scarves

Twilly Scarves

Hermès Twilly scarves are one of the best ways to accessorize your bag and ensure it stays in great condition. The silk scarf’s name comes from the word “twill”, which is a popular weaving technique for delicate materials. The Twilly serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose. The oils from your hands tend to wear down and discolor the leather handles of your Hermès bag over time. To keep your bag in excellent condition, simply tie a Twilly around the handles! Hermès first introduced these beautiful scarves in 2003 as part of the Autumn / Winter collection, and they remain an extremely popular accessory today. Originally designed to be worn around the wrist, neck, or forehead. Today the scarf is most popular as a Hermès bag accessory. Available in a variety of prints and colors, it is easy to find a Twilly that complements your personal style and bag.

Hermès Mini Kelly Twilly Bag Charm Rose Lipstick Tadelakt Palladium Hardware

A Kelly for your Kelly

The Hermès Twilly charm is an homage to its most classic bag, the Kelly. This charm is very rare, making it a wonderful collector’s item. This charm is a fully functional micro bag typically found in Tadelakt or Etoupe leather while rarer Twillys can be found in exotic skins like Lizard. The Twilly charm earns its name from the silk material tied around the bag’s handles, which references Hermès’ iconic Twilly scarves that are commonly used to wrap the handles of their bags. The Maison has honored this popular styling technique by creating a micro charm version. The silk accent on the Twilly charm comes in a variety of colors and patterns, making finding the right one for you easy! This charm is styled by wrapping the silk piece of the Twilly around the handle of your Hermès handbag. The Twilly charm looks especially adorable when hanging from the handle of a Kelly.

Hermès Quelle Idole Kelly Doll Bag Charm Sanguine, Nata, Sesame, and Rose Sakura Tadelakt and Chèvre Mysore

The Quelle Idole Charm

The Quelle Idole charm is inspired by the super rare Kelly Doll bag. Released in 2000, the anthropomorphic Kelly Doll handbag mixes elements of the classic Kelly handbag with features of a child’s toy. The bag’s name, Kelly Doll, is a play on the French phrase “quelle idole”, which translates to “what an idol!”. For the bag charm version, Hermès decided to keep the original French phrase as its name. This fully functional bag charm features arms, legs, and a grinning face. The Quelle Idole charm is typically found in Tadelakt leather with Chevre leather accents in a variety of vibrant colorways. This playful charm complements any Hermès bag, adding a light touch to the sophisticated craftsmanship of the Maison. The Quelle Idole charm is styled by wrapping the leather strap around the handle of your favorite handbag.

Hermès Oran Nano Bag Charm Blue Brume, Black, and Gold Epsom, Hunter and Butler

The Oran Charm

The Hermès Oran bag charm is a miniature version of the Maison’s classic Oran sandals. The sandals, created by the infamous Pierre Hardy, were first released in 1997 and feature an iconic “H” design. The perfect summer accessory, the Oran charm has a leather strap that wraps around the handle of your Hermès bag. The leather “H” strap of the sandal is typically found in Epsom leather or beautiful high-grade Lizard skin. This miniature sandal features exquisite detailing like the Hermès Paris logo stamp on the sole of the shoe. The extensive selection of Oran bag charm colors makes it easy to find your favorite!

Hermès Feu Milo Lambskin and Gold Swift Orange Bag Charm

The Orange Bag Charm

The Hermès Orange Bag Charm is a perfect replica of a Hermès orange shopping bag. Hermès first began using orange packaging during World War II when a shortage at the cartonnier necessitated the Maison use the only packaging color available: orange. Since then, Hermès orange has become the Maison’s signature color. This bag charm is not limited to the classic color; however. You can find this shopping bag charm in a vivid pink as well. Crafted in Milo lambskin and Swift calfskin, this charm features an “Ex Libris” hot stamp. Milo lambskin is typically used for gloves thanks to its soft and supple texture. The orange body of the bag is accented with black bag straps wrapped together with a tan leather strap. This strap is used to tie the bag charm around the handle of your Hermès bag.

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