Expert Voices: Yaasmyn Fula & Cassandra Hatton on Tupac's Gold Crown Ring

NEW YORK | 18-25 JULY 2023

In 1996, Tupac Shakur, after a period of incarceration and signing a deal with Death Row Records, focused on expanding his artistic empire through his media conglomerate Euphanasia Incorporated. With the guidance of Yaasmyn Fula, his godmother and mentor, Tupac rebranded himself and established Euphanasia as a music label, media group, and community organization for black liberation. Fula played a significant role in Tupac's life, providing care, education, and business support. Tupac designed two pieces of jewelry during this time, including a gold crown ring with rubies and diamonds, symbolizing his self-coronation and survival. The ring also bears an inscription referencing his engagement to Kidada Jones. Tupac's style had a profound impact on the 90s and continues to influence streetwear trends today. This ring, with its documented provenance, is a rare piece of jewelry associated with Tupac and is the only one designed by him to be offered for sale. This unique piece of jewelry will be a highlight of our Hip Hop sale, 18-25 July 2023.

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