Wagons & Wheels: American Novelty Cars and Memorabilia

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The romance of travel has deep roots in the American soul, from the stagecoaches and wagons of the 1800s, to the mechanised wonders of the early 20th century. While the grand automobiles of Duesenberg, Auburn and Cadillac have come to define the era, there has always been a certain fascination with more simple forms of transportation that existed in everyday life. Whether the humble milkman’s truck, a bygone staple of post-war suburbia, or the eye-catching neon signs that advertised motels along Route 66, RM Sotheby’s annual Hershey auction offers an abundance of these American novelties. Click ahead to see twelve lots guaranteed to make you nostalgic for quotidian life of decades past. –Jake Auerbach

RM Sotheby’s: Hershey

5–6 October | Hershey

Wagons & Wheels: American Novelty Cars and Memorabilia