A wooden box designed by Wendell Castle in an auction selling wooden furniture by Wendell Castle

Selling Wendell Castle Furniture with Sotheby's

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Get Started with an Estimate

Wonder how much your Wendell Castle chair, desk, window, door or drawing might be worth and how to sell them? Simply follow the steps below and Sotheby's will recommend the best approach for selling your items.

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Wendell Castle Furniture Consigned with Sotheby's

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the best time to sell Wendell Castle furniture?
    Consign Wendell Castle furniture now for our next auction. Sotheby’s 20th Century Design department offers decorative arts and design from the Arts and Crafts movement through Art Nouveau and Art Deco, to works from the post-war years and on through contemporary design. During the year, Sotheby's 20th Century Design sales are hosted online and in international selling locations. Sotheby’s very successful 2018 “Important Design” auction featured a highly curated selection of superb design from the last century. Once you consign a Wendell Castle work, our specialists will suggest the optimal location to sell Wendell Castle design.
  • Can a specialist come evaluate my Wendell Castle furniture in person?
    Our specialists are located in Paris, London and New York, and are able to visit in-person any pieces located in those cities. Our specialists also travel frequently and any information about upcoming visits will be made available on this page. If you would like to contact a specialist directly about a potential visit, you can contact the 20th-century design team nearest you.
    NEW YORK: + 1 212 606 7170
    LONDON: + 44 (0)20 7293 5572
    PARIS: + 33 1 53 05 52 81
  • What are Sotheby's commission fees for selling at auction?
    Sotheby’s offers fine, one-of-a-kind Wendell Castle design at auction. Likewise, our fees are customized for each work we present. When you receive an auction estimate from a Sotheby’s specialist, it will include detailed information about our commission and fees.