Louvre Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi | United Arab Emirates

About the Museum

The Louvre Abu Dhabi originated in 2007 in a major cultural agreement between France and the United Arab Emirates and focuses on universal stories of human creativity that transcend time and place. Artwork from around the world will be showcased at the museum, with particular focus placed upon bridging the gap between cultures and civilisations from the East and the West.

The museum first started sharing its collection with the public through a 2009 exhibition entitled "Talking Art: Louvre Abu Dhabi." The exhibition presented early acquisitions for the institution, including a Mamluk holy Koran from the 14th century, a 5th-century Fibula from Domagnano, a Virgin and Child by Bellini, and Mondrian’s Composition with blue, red, yellow and black from 1922. "Birth of a Museum," the Louvre Abu Dhabi's second exhibition in 2013, offered a large-scale preview of the collection, featuring 130 works acquired by the government of Abu Dhabi for the permanent collection. They included a never-before seen work by Picasso, a Bronze Age terracotta statue from Cyprus, along with artifacts from Greece, Turkey, Japan and Syria.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi officially opened on November 11, 2017.

(Photo: Mohamed Somji, © Louvre Abu Dhabi)

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