Whisky of Distinction | Port Ellen & Brora: Casks From A Bygone Era

Whisky of Distinction | Port Ellen & Brora: Casks From A Bygone Era

View full screen - View 1 of Lot 2. Brora 1982 Cask Of Distinction: The Spirit Of Brora With Trey Ratcliff.

Offered directly from Diageo. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to CARE International

Brora 1982 Cask Of Distinction: The Spirit Of Brora With Trey Ratcliff

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June 14, 02:11 PM GMT


700,000 - 1,200,000 GBP

Lot Details


Brora 1982 Cask Of Distinction: The Spirit Of Brora With Trey Ratcliff

1 Cask, 1 Photography Print, 1 Experience

The Cask

Cask No: 480

Distilled: 1982

Est. ABV: 52.8% 

Est. Bottles: 145

Regauged: April 2022

Current Age: 40 Years Old

Maximum Age After Deferment: 45 Years Old

The Bottling

This cask can be bottled at the client's request up to a maximum of 5 years after the auction date. The label used in the example shown uses design elements from Trey Ratcliff's photography, making it an exclusive creation and setting it apart from Diageo's other Cask of Distinction bottles. The ultimate label will incorporate designs from an entirely new photograph taken in Brora during Trey's first trip to Scotland (see details of "The Art" below). The example also shows an age statement of 40 years, which represents the current age of the cask. If matured for another five years until the end of its deferment period, this cask could be bottled at 45 Years Old. Currently the cask would yield 145 bottles at full strength. Please allow up to 6 months for bottling.

The Art

The highland distillery of Brora is located where land meets sea at the northeastern edge of Scotland. Renowned photographer Trey Ratcliff, who has dedicated his life to capturing the beauty that exists at the edge of the world, will travel to Scotland for the first time ever, accompanied by the cask owner on an adventure to capture the ultimate images of this unique place. Together they will capture a portfolio of images that bring to life the landscape that helped shape this incredible liquid. The cask owner’s selected image will become a mesmerising large format edition print, as well as being used to create a set of bespoke labels for the bottles to be drawn from the cask.

·      1x large format print of chosen photograph 

·      10x portfolio images 

·      Chosen photograph used across bottle labels (to take place within five years of sale)

The Experience

Diageo will offer an exclusive experience in Scotland for the winning bidder and 3 guests (maximum 4 people). This experience will feature 2 days in Brora including a visit to the legendary Brora Distillery with a private tour and tasting and the opportunity to accompany Trey Ratcliff during his first photoshoot in Scotland where the cask owner will choose the images to be used both on the labels and for their large format print. The cask owner and friends will also have the opportunity to visit the cask, which is lying at Royal Lochnagar Distillery. During the trip the winning bidder and their guests will enjoy Diageo Rare and Exceptional's unrivalled hospitality, including accommodation at Scotland’s most prestigious venues, luxury fine dining and private transport.

·      Please note that this experience excludes travel from client's origin to Scotland, travel insurance, vaccinations, pre-travel expenses 

·      Experience is subject to availability

·      Experience can be redeemed within 18 months of 14-06-2022

·      Experience need to be booked 3-6 months in advance to avoid disappointment

Diageo will donate 5% of the hammer price from both casks to Care International to support the ongoing crisis in Ukraine

Cask and subsequent bottles offered In Bond Only

Please note that the cask is stored in bond at Royal Lochnagar Distillery and will be bottled in Scotland as per SWA Guidelines. Also note that after bottling, the winning bidder may have to pay shipping fees and local duties and taxes at point of final destination. All discussions around bottling date and destination of shipping can be discussed with Diageo post-sale. Sotheby's will introduce the winning bidder to a Diageo representative in their local market to facilitate redemption of each element of this lot.


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