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Palestine—American Colony and others | Box of 90 glass lantern slides, circa 1880s-1920s

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- 3,000 GBP

Palestine—American Colony and others | Box of 90 glass lantern slides, circa 1880s-1920s

Palestine—American Colony and others | Box of 90 glass lantern slides, circa 1880s-1920s



- 3,000 GBP

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Palestine—American Colony and others

Wooden box of ninety glass lantern slides, circa 1880s-1920s

90 diapositive glass lantern slides (82 x 82mm.), housed in a hinged wooden box with metal fittings and a leather carrying handle, a few slides with cracks

A good collection of lantern slides including views in and around Jerusalem, including 6 different views of the Wailing Wall, the reception of General Allenby in Jerusalem by the Jewish community on 24 May 1918.

List of the slides: 

1. Palestine, in the heart of Jerusalem – rooftop view.

2. Campaign in Palestine. The reception of General Allenby in Jerusalem by the Jewish Community, May 24th 1918.

3. British Jews, Jerusalem. T. Mason, Dublin.

4. Tomb of David. American Colony.

5. Spanish Jews (man and woman). American Colony.

6. Jerusalem Jew. George Washington Wilson.

7. Elderly Jewish man (after a painting).

8. Elderly Jewish man (different sitter).

9. Safed Jewish quarter.

10. Jewesses in Festival Dress, outside Zion Gate. E.G. Wood, London.

11. Hebron, Tomb of Abraham.

12. Evilina de Rothschild’s School for Girls.

13. [Jewish settler ploughing the land]

14. Jaffa Gate, Ashkenazi Jews in festival dress. E.G. Wood.

15. [Elderly orthodox Jewish man]. No caption.

16. Priest & parchment roll [rabbi].

17. Jewish men praying at the Western Wall [colour slide, no caption].

18. Jewish women praying at the Western Wall. Bonfils.

19. Jews’ Wailing Place [men & women]. Fradelle & Young, London.

20. Jews’ Wailing Place. American Colony.

21. [Jews praying at the Wall]. No caption. W.F. Archer, Liverpool.

22. Jews’ Wailing Place. variant view of no. 18. Fradelle & Young.

23. Entrance to the Tomb of Sarah.

24. Mount Zion. American Colony, cracked

25. Barclay’s [bank], Allenby Square.

26. View of Mount Carmel.

27. Safed Mission School.

28. Jewish women baking.

29. Safed. Mrs. Freidmann’s sewing class.

30. Caravan ascending [?] Pass.

31. Orange harvest.

32. Jewish colony at Petach Tikvah.

33. Feast of the Passover [animals being slaughtered].

34. Herzl Anniversary in the Bezalel.

35. Zichron Jacob wine cellars in foreground.

36. Cellarage of the Colony of Samarin (Palestine), Zichron Jacob. E.G. Wood.

37. St. John, Acre. Newton & Co., London.

38. Entrance to the Cave of Machpelah [Cave of the Patriarchs].

39. [Reconstruction sketch of the Temple]. No caption.

40. Allenby Street, Tel-Aviv.

41. Carmel School, Jerusalem.

42. Scene in the Mikveh Israel Agricultural School, near Jaffa. E.G. Wood.

43. Gideon’s Fountain.

44. Holy Land. [Small white chapel or tomb].

45. Mosque Machphelah. Burial place of Jacob & Abraham.

46. Carpet atelier, Bezalel.

47. [Unidentified street in Tel Aviv?]. No caption.

48. [Unidentified Jewish settlement, by a lake].

49. The Burden Bearer. Holy Land 60175. E.G. Wood.

50. Holy Land. River Jordan.

51. Ruins of Ceserea. Newton & Co.

52. Gathering olives. Coe & Son, Norwich.

53. [Dragoman.] No caption. Newton & Co.

54. Gymnasium (High School), Jaffa, cracked.

55. Jaffa, shipping oranges, 1905.

56. Ruins of Synagogue, Meiron. Palestine Exploration Fund, London.

57. Safed school (girls).

58. House in Tel Aviv.

59. Another view of the Technical Institute.

60. In the Wine Cellars, Rishcon le Zion.

61. Shofah & Sabbath lamps.

62. Jerusalem under snow.

63. Sea under temple area [after a painting]. Palestine Exploration Fund.

64. Temple of [?]. Palestine Exploration Fund.

65. Stone tablet. Palestine Exploration Fund.

66. Herod’s Temple, time of Jesus [after a drawing]. Newton & Co.

67. Nablous, the ancient Shechem.

68. The largest of the Cedars.

69. Jaffa. Die Schule ist aus.

70. Jersusalem Boys School, goes on picnic. cracked.

71. Fragments, Tel-el-Maskhurah. Palestine Exploration Fund.

72. Pools of Solomon.

73. Beit el-Ma. Daphne? [after an engraving].

74. Mount of Olives.

75. [Arab men near a stone wall]. No caption.

76. Unidentified village. No caption.

77. Sacred rock where Altar stood. [Al-Aqsa mosque interior.]

78. Bazaar of Jaffa.

79. Trimming the sheaf, Jerusalem. E.G. Wood.

80. Jerusalem, Damascus Gate, camels resting. E.G. Wood.

81. [Unidentified tented encampment: Sinai / Mecca?] No caption.

82. Interior of Bride’s Home. E.G. Wood.

83. Making bread, Ramallah. E.G. Wood.

84. Bridal [-] leaving the house. E.G. Wood.

85. Bride at home, waiting arrival of bridegroom. E.G. Wood.

86. The procession through the streets to the bridegroom’s house.

87. House of an Arab family.

88. Map of the Middle East.

89. Village of the shepherds.

90. Jerusalem, Well of the Magi.

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