View full screen - View 1 of Lot 803. Michael Jordan Game Worn 1985 Player Sample Air Jordan 1s | Sizes 13, 13.5.

Michael Jordan Game Worn 1985 Player Sample Air Jordan 1s | Sizes 13, 13.5

Michael Jordan Game Worn 1985 Player Sample Air Jordan 1s | Sizes 13, 13.5

Michael Jordan Game Worn 1985 Player Sample Air Jordan 1s | Sizes 13, 13.5

The Nike “Air Jordan” is one of the most iconic designs in the history of both streetwear and basketball, and is a key part of the origin of the Air Jordan brand for Nike. Designed by Peter Moore, Michael Jordan wore Air Jordan 1s in 1984 and 1985, as well as modified versions in 1986 (after a broken foot Michael endured). These specific shoes are the iconic ‘Chicago’ colorway, and perhaps the most recognizable for Michael, as well as the Nike brand.

In 1984, Nike gave Michael Jordan his own signature line of shoes and clothes, which was pivotal in Michael agreeing to sign with Nike. It was the first time the brand did anything like this, and it paved the way for many of the player collaborations we now see. The term “Air Jordan” was coined by Michael Jordan’s agent David Falk. David apparently came up with the name because Nike shoes had air in the soles and because, of course, Michael Jordan played basketball in the air.

In terms of the shoe itself, the original Air Jordan 1s were so popular and successful that Nike continued to make new signature Air Jordans each season. This tradition continued beyond Michael’s retirement, and Nike is currently on the Air Jordan 35. From the day it launched, Air Jordans have always represented the pinnacle of sneaker design. The shoes are unmatched when it comes to quality, craftsmanship, materials, innovation, performance, and of course style

The coding on the inside of the shoes states "850102 TYPS.” 850102 refers to the date of production. These shoes were made in 1985 between the months of January (01) and February (02). TYPS stands for “Tong Yang Player Sample” and means that the shoes are ‘Player Samples,’ produced from the 'Tong Yang' factory.

These shoes are accompanied by a Letter of Opinion from MEARS Authentication, LLC, with an “Authentic” Final Grade, and a Letter of Provenance from the original owner.

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 The following condition report has been provided by MEARS Authentication, LLC., 1234 Manitoba Avenue, South Milwaukee, an independent Memorabilia Evaluation and Research Services organization, who is not an employee of Sotheby’s.

MEARS evaluated the physical traits of the shoes with respect to game wear. The traits included presence of scuffing/paint transfer, compressed toe, condition of the laces, presence of court dust, presence of heel compression in shoe,

Scuffing/paint transfer—some light scuffing to heel of shoe with ever so slight sign of black paint transfer on inner heel of left shoe.

Compressed toe—shoes when first issues from the factory have a very stiff toe with game wear, the leather softens and compresses. Bother these toes are compressed, a sign of game wear and consistent with other pairs examined by MEARS.

Wear to laces – when the laces are brand new, they are crisp and can “stand by themselves” with respect to how they stick out from the eyelets. These laces have softened with use and show signs of wear.

Court dust—during the course of the game, dust or “court dust” accumulates on the soles in the crevices of the shoes. Both soles of these shoes how court dust, and the left one has small area of black material near the back heel area.

Heal compression in sole – There is very slight wear to the back heel of the shoe, with strong appearance of wear to the back black area of the heel.

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