LoveEMC Charity Auction

LoveEMC Charity Auction

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Virtual Six-Week Personalized Pranayama Course with Eddie Stern

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December 7, 06:36 PM GMT


1,000 - 3,000 USD

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Virtual Six-Week Personalized Pranayama Course with Eddie Stern

Six-week, private breathwork/pranayama class for up to 6 people, via Zoom, taught by Eddie Stern.

Pranayama is the ancient Yogic science of increasing our vitality, focus, awareness, and steadiness of mind through deliberate and calm breathing practices. During the six-week course, Eddie will guide through several powerful breath practices that will be tailored to you. There are several different classifications of breathwork practices: some increase energy, some are calming, some increase focus, some are deeply meditative, and all of them work on balancing the branches of the nervous system. In our fast-paced and quite often stressful lives, the nervous system is one of the main mechanisms of our body that pays the price, and when that happens, other things start to fall out of balance as well. Sleep, digestion, patience, time on task, our ability to stay organized and focused, and emotional balance can all suffer. Pranayama is an essential practice for restoring balance to our nervous systems, and this restoring balance to our inner and outer life.

Eddie Stern has been teaching Yoga for over thirty years in NYC and internationally. He teaches the 12-hour course on pranayama for Deepak Chopra’s "Chopra Well", and is the creator of the easy access apps for breathing and Yoga, "The Breathing App", and "Yoga365".

*The classes will run one-hour, and no previous experience is necessary. Good for use in one-year period.