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As far as watchmakers go, Hublot is a relatively young, distinctly modern brand. Free from the confines of heritage and tradition, Hublot continually pushes the envelope to reimagine watches for the 21st century. The brand’s name comes from the French word for “porthole” — a nod to Hublot’s signature bezel, and just one of the many ways the watchmaker thinks outside of the box.

From its debut in 1980, Hublot has been dedicated to developing innovative materials and using them in novel combinations. The brand’s very first watch was also the first luxury watch ever to feature a rubber strap and many of Hublot’s watches utilize traditional metals like gold or steel that have been fused with the likes of ceramic, carbon, titanium and tungsten. More than pure novelty, the use of such materials produces watches with greater durability, lightness, and functionality.

The core of Hublot’s collection is comprised of the Big Bang — an instantly identifiable, ruggedly masculine model that has been rendered in a dizzying array of materials and with complications ranging from tourbillons to skeletonized movements. The Classic Fusion offers a more conventional dress watch that still retains Hublot’s singular style. True to the brand’s emphasis on fusion, Hublot has collaborated with a number of luminaries such as Usain Bolt, Ferrari, and Dwayne Wade on highly collectable limited-editions.

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