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The Opulence and Glamour of Chanel Earrings

By Erica Kagan
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Coco Chanel and Chanel Jewelry

An arbiter of style, most admired for her ability to liberate women through radical dress, Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel and her innovative designs have withstood the test of time. Coco Chanels impeccable creations, from the classic tweed suit to the little black dress, were a sharp contrast to the traditional and restrictive pieces that dominated popular fashion at the time. Her sporty silhouettes, emphasized by simple and soft lines, encouraged women to free their physical forms in an unprecedented way. After mastering the art of fashion and fragrance, Coco Chanel made opulent costume jewels her next endeavor.

“Accessories are what makes or marks a woman,” Mademoiselle Chanel once confidently declared. And ever since the 1920s, when she first collaborated with expert costume jewelers, Chanel stayed loyal to this proclamation, devoting an immense amount of her time to Chanel jewelry design. By mixing Chanel’s iconic but understated garments with more whimsical accessories, the fashion world was immediately awed by these playful design combinations.

Until Coco Chanel leaned into the untapped potential of costume Chanel jewelry, these accessories were considered a faux pas, perceived as being only for women who couldn’t afford the real thing. As always, Coco Chanel was unfazed by the status quo. If anything, she used it as fuel for change. She discovered a provocative delight in mixing precious materials with faux ones and embraced it fully. From piling on necklaces and sautoirs made of faux pearls to layering an unprecedented number of brooches and cuff bracelets, Coco Chanel showed the world that costume Chanel jewelry was the wave of the future.

chanel earring

Chanel Earrings

Though earrings started to become more of a focus of costumer Chanel jewelry collections in the 1990s, interestingly, it wasn’t until the 2000s that the brand introduced pierced Chanel earring designs. Most vintage Chanel earrings are a variation of the clip-on. The stud clip-ons Chanel Earrings are recognized for their delicate beauty, often adorned with playful flowers and stars. Highly sought-after for their unique and varied styles, Chanel earrings are one of a vintage hunter’s most treasured finds. From Baroque inspired nest clip-ons to the Pearl CC Drop design, these Chanel earrings can be anything from an outfit’s finishing touch to a show-stopping statement piece. Additionally, these Chanel earrings are often accompanied by a matching ring or cuff bracelet, establishing a complete, unified look. Finally, the most dramatic variation is statement Chanel earrings, often in a chandelier style with dripping strands of natural stones and cultured pearls. Regardless of era or style, Chanel earrings are both glamorous and novel, creating visual interest through their contrast and excess.

Chanel Earrings in Iconic Motifs

Featured below are Chanel earrings in iconic Chanel motifs.

chanel earring

Chanel Earrings CC

Chanel Earrings CC are always popular with Chanel collectors of both vintage and modern jewelry. Chanel CC Earrings are iconic and one of the most popular style of Chanel earrings sought after by buyers. The most recognizable Chanel logo is the Double C so Chanel Earrings with prominent CC are also the most popular Chanel earrings.

Chanel Earring

Chanel Earrings Camilia

Camellias were famously Coco Chanel's favorite flower and are featured regularly in Chanel earrings. The delicate floral design for these Chanel earrings are also recognizable Chanel.

Chanel Earring

Chanel Pearl Earrings

Chanel Pearl Earrings are also a repeated motif in Chanel earrings and other jewelry. Coco Chanel loved to layer faux pearls and she regularly used them in her Chanel earrings. Karl Lagerfeld continued the tradition of featuring pearls in jewelry and Chanel earrings.

Chanel Earring

Chanel Earrings CC Perfume Bottle

Chanel Earrings often have feature more than one motif. Chanel perfume dates back to the 1920s when Chanel No 5 was first launched. Coco Chanel is known as much for her iconic perfume as her bags and are regularly featured in Chanel earrings.

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