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The Chanel Diana Bag: A Vintage Design Fit For Royals

By Erica Kagan
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Princess Diana
Chanel Diana

Karl Lagerfeld’s Iconic Vintage Chanel Bags

Chanel Diana

When Karl Lagerfeld was tapped as creative director of Chanel in 1983, it was widely unknown how he would re-imagine the historical legacy of Chanel. Coco Chanel had been gone for 12 years, and the luxury fashion house was struggling to fill the void she had long held. Karl Lagerfeld would quickly prove to be the distinctive persona that Chanel desperately needed. With his regular uniform of a black suit, dark shades, a powdered white ponytail, and fingerless leather gloves, Lagerfeld infused the brand with a modern spirit and fresh perspective. As the self-proclaimed “channeler” of Coco, he dedicated himself to keeping her legacy alive with each new collection. Constantly referring to the design archives of Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld was directly inspired by her iconic creations.

Chanel Diana

As a master tastemaker and avatar of style, Karl Lagerfeld would revolutionize fashion for the modern woman up until his fateful passing in 2019. Influenced by the most iconic women of his time, most notably Princess Diana, his earliest bags from the 80s and 90s are the most popular of all vintage Chanel bags. The vintage Chanel bags from Karl's early time with Chanel sell for multiples of the original retail price on secondary marketplaces like Sotheby's.

Chanel Diana

The Chanel Diana Bag

Constantly seeking inspiration from the world around him, Karl Lagerfeld placed tremendous value in his muses, as these fashionable women helped solidify his designs as timeless classics. As such, Princess Diana of Wales, the ultimate style icon of the ‘80s and ‘90s, had a tremendous impact on Lagerfeld and the living legacy of Chanel.

Produced from 1989 to approximately 1995, the Chanel Diana bag is a coveted find among vintage hunters and Diana admirers alike. This classic design closely resembles that of the Chanel Single Flap, and was sported so frequently by Princess Diana, that Karl Largefeld felt it only fitting to honor her in the name. The Chanel Diana bag was resurrected in the Spring 2015 collection as the Vintage Chic Flap bag, but the vintage Chanel Diana in caviar leather remains the most elusive and sought-after variation ever crafted.

Chanel Diana

The Living Legacy of The Chanel Diana

From The Crown to Spencer (starring Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana), the royal family is permanently ingrained in popular culture. For some, curiosity about this family manifests in full-on obsession and historical expertise. Yet, beyond this group of dedicated royal family experts, almost everyone knows something about Princess Diana.

Chanel Diana

As evidenced by the iconic Diana Chanel bag, Princess Diana of Wales had a tremendous impact on Lagerfeld and his designs for Chanel. A unique and historically rich Chanel bag, this timeless classic will make a woman feel special, glamorous, and connected to Princess Diana all at once.

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