44. Rudolf Stingel

44. Rudolf Stingel

The artists who power the $1m+ market
The artists who power the $1m+ market

44. Rudolf Stingel (b.1956)

CONTEMPORARY, b. Merano, Italy

Rudolf Stingel. Photo: Barbara Zanon/Getty Images

Power Rank: 184

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Price confidencePrice momentumAverage lot Price
Percentage of lots sold above low estimateChange in average lot value 2022 to 2023 (H1)Average lot value over the period 2018–23

Sotheby’s private sales

(2018 to H1 2023)
Private sales valueSold lotsAverage price

Bidders by region

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Top 10 artworks sold at auction

(2018 to H1 2023)
1Untitled2012Phillips London8 Mar 2018$7.9m
2Untitled2012Sotheby's New York14 Nov 2019$6.9m
3Untitled2012Christie's New York15 May 2019$6.5m
4Untitled2009Sotheby's London7 Mar 2018$6.5m
5Untitled2015Phillips New York17 May 2018$5.9m
6Untitled (Bolego)2006Sotheby's New York16 May 2018$4.5m
7Untitled (Bolego)2007Sotheby's New York12 May 2021$3.8m
8Untitled2010Christie's London6 Mar 2018$3.7m
9Untitled2013Sotheby's New York15 Nov 2021$2.8m
10Untitled2007Sotheby’s New York17 Nov 2021$2.7m

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