Isabelle Paagman

  • SVP | Senior International Specialist


Isabelle Paagman is Senior Contemporary art specialist and auctioneer with over two decades of experience. Her passion for contemporary art and her unwavering commitment to the art world has led her to work with discerning art collectors from all corners of the world, with a particular focus on Europe.

Isabelle’s journey in the world has been marked by a deep and global expertise. As a trusted authority in the contemporary art market, she has had the privilege of facilitating the exchange of exquisite works of art and witnessing the evolution of art trends over the years.

One of her unique strengths is her ability to connect with art enthusiasts worldwide. Her fluency in five languages allows her to bridge cultural gaps and engage with collectors and artists on a truly global scale.

Prior to the beginning of her extensive career at Sotheby’s, Isabelle graduated with an Honours degree in Fine Art Expertise followed by a Master's degree in Art Business, both from l'Institut d’Études Supérieures des Arts in Paris.

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